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A HighRankings Forum thread asks if it is possible to rank number one in Google.ca and Google.com, if the site is using a .ca ccTLD and is hosted in Canada. As you can see, the question has a lot of variables. It is also dependent on the keyword. For example, I hope I can rank well in any Google regional flavored search engine for my company name, RustyBrick. But to rank well for a more generic keyword would be much harder.

I felt I would poll you guys and see what you had to say. Now, like I said, the variables are important, so let's set them here.

The condition is as follows. You have a site hosting in the US, it is on a .com TLD, and you want to rank well for a generic keyword (not your company name). Can you rank well in both Google.com and a regional flavored Google?

Please take the poll and pass it on to a friend.

Forum discussion at HighRankings Forum.

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08/07/2009 06:33 pm

Whoever said yes is not being truthful. While I have gotten clients ranked #1 for some pretty tough keywords I cannot with 100% certainty say I can rank any clients site #1 in google for any keyword. I thought this was common knowledge.


08/07/2009 10:40 pm

I added the other comment - I think it depends on the localization of the searcher as well. Search "BBC" on google.com and .co.uk, and the .co.uk site is #1, with bbcworldnews.com around 5 on google.com. I would assume the same algorithm applies to the .ca search but might be considerably harder for a smaller site on Google.com.


08/10/2009 06:17 am

Why not open a Google Ranking Account? All the answers can be found there!


03/07/2014 12:21 am

I need to get #1 in google.com and .co.id just in one week... but how? my blog is http://goo.gl/Fkb3ws

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