How To Handle DMCA Take Downs in Google Webmaster Tools

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I thought I knew everything there is to know about Google Webmaster Tools, but I guess there was one thing I did not know. A WebmasterWorld thread talks about how one webmaster received a message from Google that his site had a URL taken down in the Google results due to a DMCA request. I honestly never knew Google notified webmasters of DMCA issues via Google Webmaster Tools. It goes on...

The webmaster explained that the URL was specific to a forum thread, that was actually taken down about 2 years ago. So this seemed to be a legacy DMCA request, where the post was removed two years ago, the webmaster was notified by Google via the message center a few months ago, about a page that was removed.

His issue is simple:

Well, once a month or so, I still continue to get a message in Google's Webmaster Tools that someone had filed a DMCA complaint and that particular URL has been blocked. Even though that particular posting was deleted probably 2 years ago!

Why does Google continuously remind this webmaster about a DMCA issue, when the issue is gone?

One person feels that he has to submit a reconsideration request, to have a human review the situation. Another person suggests the issue is related to how the DMCA'd URL is a 301 redirect to the main forum listing. Maybe Google thinks that since it was 301ed, that the URL the issue URL is being redirected to, is also an issue?

I am hoping to get some clarification from Google on this either in the comments here or in the thread.

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.

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07/30/2009 03:56 pm

Does not matter if you took it down before the complaint, you still have to respond to Google: (Scroll down the page and look at Counter Notification) You do have to send written or fax notification to Google that the material is down. Remember, this a legal matter, not a Google matter and there is a process. One other note to share about this, on the bottom of that url there is also a statement by Google: "Many Google Services do not have account holders or subscribers. For Services that do, Google will, in appropriate circumstances, terminate repeat infringers. If you believe that an account holder or subscriber is a repeat infringer, please follow the instructions above to contact Google and provide information sufficient for us to verify that the account holder or subscriber is a repeat infringer." So if you do use other services such as AdWords, adsense, etc.. and a site is what Google calls a "repeat infringer" Google can suspend any Google accounts and they will ban a website completely. So it is important to respond to every notification.

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