Google AdWords Quality Score Goes After Names?

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WebmasterWorld moderator, eWhisper, created a thread at WebmasterWorld on something he spotted recently with the Google AdWords quality score. He believes that AdWords has adjusted hows they handle proper names.

eWhisper said:

I'm seeing some odd results for names in AdWords. Many proper names have much lower QS in many accounts than a couple weeks ago. In fact, my own name, in my account, going to my website, is running a QS of 3 right now and the ad isn't even showing very often due to low QS. That's one of those situations where you know something is wrong as usually this is a 9-10 (and should be).

Are you advertising for names? If so, do let us know if Google smacked your quality score on those ads or not.

I am not sure why such ads would receive a lower quality score. I don't see the logic in such a decision or maybe it is something else.

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07/30/2009 06:23 am

I currently don't have a problem with the QS of keywords that are names. Have you tried testing the QS for keywords (in the same account) that are not names? It may be a problem with the account since it doesn't make sense for Google to decide lowering the QS for such keywords globally...

David Rothwell

07/30/2009 09:14 am

I would imagine it's another facet of the Affiliate Slap by Google, and makes total sense. Many affiliate marketers bid on the names of "gurus" in Internet Marketing, often to ostensibly slag them off, while at the same time promoting their products. Google seems to be coming down heavily on the whole affiliate space - and about time too!

Terry Van Horne

08/03/2009 07:55 pm

David they dropped the guy who is the name! Well one reason to do that would be to get people clicking more ads... looking for the real GUY who should be #1... biz must be slow?

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