96% Say Clients Need To Be Involved In the SEO Process

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seo client involvement pollLast week, we asked you if you felt client involvement is necessary for a successful SEO campaign. The obvious answer to me, was yes, it was. But not everyone agrees, most do, but not everyone.

96% said some level of client involvement is necessary for a successful SEO campaign. Only 3% said, it is not necessary. This is out of over a 160 responsiveness. Let me break out the poll results for you:

Question: Is Client Involvement Necessary for SEO Success?

:: Yes said 138 respondents or 84% :: Maybe Just a Little said 19 respondents or 12% :: No said 5 respondents or 3% :: Other... said 2 respondents or 1%

The other responses, really are not valid here. In any event, no surprise here in this poll.

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07/22/2009 02:12 pm

Hi, Thanks for this! No surprise in there! SEO is an ongoing process. Clients need to be involved and updated on a regular basis. Best, Dan


07/22/2009 03:56 pm

I've found that clients should be kept in the loop as much as possible, if not thoroughly trained in fundamental SEO best practices. It helps the client realize the extent of the SEO services being executed as well as increases the effectiveness of a long-term SEO campaign.

jack laros

07/22/2009 09:03 pm

If you asked the customers the same question, 96% would say that they don't want to be involved...That's how I feel anyway. Most of them has the face of "what is the option which you are not bothering me?"

No Name

07/23/2009 01:37 am

I've never felt comfortable doing any marketing project for a client without having the client involved. Not only does the client need to understand what's happening in the project (to know 1. You know what you're doing and 2. That you are worth what they are paying you), but they also need to participate because of their valuable insider insight.

Gerry White

07/23/2009 09:23 am

I have experienced the "produce a keyword list" for me, whilst I may know a bit about SEO, my knowledge of your website and industry is probably pretty low without talking extensively with you - until the site starts moving I can't see what will work within your field without some sort of primary (or expensive secondary) research!!!! I have just deleted about another 5 paragraphs of ranting!

Arsham Mirshah

07/24/2009 02:37 pm

Honestly, how can they not be involved? They know their own industry the best, therefore the SEO company needs to learn the key words and phrases FROM the client. Also, as mentioned above, if the client is making changes to their site, they better know something about SEO so they don't get Google slapped. The client should also be aware that you are producing more business for them, so reporting is somewhat important... but there certainly are clients who want to cut a check and not touch it. I believe it is best to educate the client upfront, and set their expectations that they will need to be involved at least once per week or two.

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