Link Addiction: 46% Of SEOs are Active Link Builders

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Earlier this month, we polled our readers asking how addicted are you to links. Well, we have about a 150 responses now, and it shows that not all SEOs are addicted to links. 32% said they hate links, while 21% said they dream about links. Overall, 46% are active link builders. Here are the results.

Question: How Addicted To Link Acquisitions Are You?

:: I Hate Link Requests said 46 respondents or 32% :: I Dream About Links said 30 respondents or 21% :: I Request Links Weekly said 19 respondents or 13% :: I Request Links Daily said 17 respondents or 12% :: What Is a Link? said 6 respondents or 4%

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07/17/2009 07:38 pm

32% said they hate link requests not links in the broad sense of the word. I love building links but only rarely out right request them

SEO Professionals

08/29/2011 01:04 pm

By the way, your competitors in this case are the 10 pages that are ranking on the first page of Google for your keyword. Your goal is to first make it onto that page by working harder than the guy that's currently sitting in position #9 and then work your way up until you are #1.

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