Poll: Is Client Involvement Necessary for SEO Success?

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Jill Whalen posted an article at Search Engine Land that caused a stir in the SEO community. The name of the article is Is Most Of SEO Just A Boondoggle? (not sure if it was named something before). It is short, so it is worth a quick scan, but if you don't have time, it basically discusses how some (many) SEO companies sell SEO services which don't change a thing on your site. She lists which ones she feels are a waste.

Although I agree on the overall point of the article, there are some details I would disagree with. In any event, the big question I have for you, the ones that SEO sell, is how important is client involvement in a successful site? I am personally a strong believer that the client needs to bring to the table more than just money to make his site a success. But I am not sure all would agree with that.

So take the anonymous poll and let me know your thoughts:

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Jerry Nordtrom

07/17/2009 04:02 pm

I think there is a lot of magic being sold in SEO for sure. What an easy sell though, you know how many egotistical CEO's take the SEO bait? They keep dreaming of standing in front of the board that month....sales are up, revenues doubled. Instead they end up in the accounting office trying to get their accounting clerk to hide the 10k test run as a business trip expense. I kid, really. If you do have an SEO firm, you absolutely want to be involved in the process. No, not the tech details, but you should be dictating what search terms are being focused on, and educating your SEO Co. about the WHY. Why are these KWs important to your marketing message, conversions and LCV. We all know of high traffic keywords that actually result in poor conversions, or conversions that do not stick ie; refunds, low value purchase, low upsell % and so on. Similar to a marketing company getting thousands of customers to come into your store and purchase the loss leader dozen eggs for $1, but purchase nothing else. SEO's can focus on KWs that bring in traffic, some sales but provide little growth. Time + Cost <> Return

Rob Abdul

07/18/2009 11:42 am

Client Involvement is necessary in some situations for SEO Success.


07/20/2009 01:53 pm

I also believe that involvement is required but until a certain stage, after that the more technical approach needs to kick in with content.

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