Poll: How Addicted To Links Are You?

Jul 6, 2009 • 8:53 am | comments (7) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Link Building Tips & SEO

Every industry has their addiction. Wall Street is known for their speed addiction, Hollywood for, well - can't list them all and so on. The SEO industry may have an addition to link acquisitions, mostly Google's fault :).

In any event, I found a humorous thread at HighRankings Forum that talks about one person's addiction to links. He said:

Hi I was just wondering if I am the only one that spends a lot of my spare time looking for links? I seem to be fanatical about contacting people, I even rang a company in Turkey that I thought would be good for me but we didnt understand each other on the phone - i think they got confused when i mentioned google, anyway every time I get a positive response I jump for joy and need another hit.

It made me laugh, I admit it, I guess it is all the time I spend reading forum threads and I cracked (no pun intended).

So let me ask you, anonymously, if you are addicted to links. Take our poll:

Forum discussion at HighRankings Forum.

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Todd Mintz

07/06/2009 01:03 pm

Links are like vegetables...I don't enjoy being "forced" to eat them but they are darned necessary for good health :.)

Barry Schwartz

07/06/2009 01:13 pm

Todd, that is great. I don't eat my vegetables.

Michael Martinez

07/06/2009 05:23 pm

And just exactly what are vegetables?

Randy Zorn

07/06/2009 08:41 pm

So creating a link bait article would be the same as home gardening.


07/06/2009 09:03 pm

I dream about internal links more... sad....I'm aware.


07/06/2009 10:57 pm

I dream about how much I hate having to request links on an occasional basis. Is that 3 votes?

Rob Abdul

07/07/2009 08:36 am

I love my vegetables, "makes you grow big and strong", that's what my mother used to say. @Randy, I like that. @Hobo, not sad, that make's us two peas-in-a-pod!

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