Stingy Links: I Want Stingy Links

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WebmasterWorld administrator, Tedster, created a thread at WebmasterWorld on the topic of "stingy links." In short, he said he was watching to a presentation by a Microsoft engineer about improving the SALSA algorithm for link structure analysis - and I noticed a very casual comment that "links from authors who are very stingy outlinkers are more informative."

Yea, a "duh" moment for Tedster and possibly others. As Tedster explains, it is not just about the PageRank funneling being worth more, but this may be something a search engine looks at. A site that is less likely to link out, when it does, it must be something worth while.

Like those people stingy with their money. If they do hand over cash for a product or charity, it has to make you think - well, this might be worth the money. Same here with links, those stingy with links, who do eventually link out, must be linking out for good reason.

The idea is not new but it is always nice to discuss concepts so they don't get stale.

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.

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06/23/2009 02:53 pm

Auth site vs a hub... best to get both..

Michael Martinez

06/23/2009 05:53 pm

It didn't long for people to start lobbing SEO buzzwords at this concept (both here and WMW). It has nothing to do with "authority versus hub", nor with hoarding PR. Stingy linkers usually think about who they are linking to and why. There is a certain amount of trust that can be reasonably inferred from that kind of behavior. SEOs still put way too much value on links today (most links don't really pass value any more). If you're going to get links, you want links from highly trustworthy sources -- and the most trustworthy sites tend to be the sites that link out the least.

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