Google Upsets The Southern Hemisphere Over First Day of Winter Logo

Jun 22, 2009 • 8:45 am | comments (4) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Google Search Engine

Yesterday was not only the day Google posted a Father's Day logo, but it was also the day Google posted logos for the first day of Summer and Winter. Here are those logos:

Google First Day of Summer

Google First Day of Winter

Google showed the winter/summer logos in countries that do not celebrate Father's Day on June 21st. It showed the winter logo in the Southern Hemisphere and the summer logo in the Northern Hemisphere. The issue is, just like when they showed the first day of Spring logos and ended up showing "First Day of Fall" and not the "First Day of Autumn" in the Southern Hemisphere. This time Google seemed to upset folks from that side of the globe.

A Google Web Search Help thread has posts from people in that hemisphere who are a bit upset. The original poster said it is a bit more complex:

The history of seasons associated with calendars is a bit more complex than just the Winter Solstice. Yes, the Winter Solstice (traditional time of MID-Winter festivals) falls on that date according to our modern calendar. No, that does not make it the beginning of Winter. In civil calendars (at least in Australia), Winter begins with the first of June. Earlier calendars involved the cycles of the moon and counts of days more than they involved the sun (the SOLstice being related to the sun).

In any event, it seems like Google may have ticked off a few people in that hemisphere.

Other than that, I hope you had a nice Father's Day and we decided to launch our "Welcome Summer" theme a day late, in respect for Father's Day. Here it is:

Summer is Here at

Forum discussion at Google Web Search Help.

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06/22/2009 02:32 pm

Cloaking? Or IP dependent delivery? ;)

Who Cares

06/22/2009 03:52 pm

Did Google really upset people? Your such a drama queen in your reporting. Who freaking cares. There where like 4 response in that forum post you linked to. Google upsets the southern hemisphere? Who gives a monkeys ass!!

Barry Schwartz

06/22/2009 03:53 pm

LOL at Andy. Who Cares: What is your name?

Lea de Groot

06/23/2009 11:46 am

Well, a local tech mailing list I am on had close to a flame war about just when winter starts, all started through offense over the 'start of winter' logo on Google, so *yes* Google really did upset people. But some people really will take offense over anything. :)

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