Google AdWords Customers Mad About Paying For Courses on New Interface

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We know that Google is forcing AdWords advertisers into the new AdWords interface sooner then later. Besides for all the complaints about the interface, some are complaining that Google is encouraging advertisers to sign up for courses on how to use the new interface.

A HighRankings Forum thread has discussion around why Google is first of all forcing advertisers into an interface they don't like and then encouraging them to pay to learn how to use it.

Google organizes what are called Seminars for Success, which are actually mostly run by third-party agencies that specialize in training AdWords customers. The day long seminar costs $249 for AdWords classes.

The advertiser is steamed about paying for this. He said:

I received an email from Google saying in effect their teaching their adwords training sessions in the new us and we will teach you the new interface!!!

The cost for the seminar seems relatively small. It seems like Google is subsidizing the costs for the most part. I am not sure I agree with giving these seminars for nothing.

Forum discussion at HighRankings Forum.

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06/12/2009 01:46 pm

I clarified some of the information on this post. The seminar program has worked for thousands of attendees, and Google is not charging to learn the new interface. There are plenty of resources here: . The seminar leaders have updated presentations and live demos to only use the new interface so that attendees will know how to access the information as some of the functions have changed.

Barry Schwartz

06/12/2009 01:53 pm

Thanks Brad for clearing things up for this advertiser.

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