Should You Fear Changing Your Best SEO Performing Web Page?

May 28, 2009 • 7:55 am | comments (4) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under SEO - Search Engine Optimization

A Cre8asite Forum thread has discussion around the topic of updating a web page that does really well in the search engines. The member asked, would you dare change your best producing web page?

The reason the SEO wants to change things is to get this page off the static environment and move it over to the updated content management system they have been using. The issue with their CMS is that it appears they will have to change the URL and the way the page renders a bit. Honestly, that upsets me, the part about changing the URL. Why can't they get a CMS that allows them to define the URL directly in the CMS?

In any event, it is a scary thing to start messing around with your best performing web page. But if this is something you have to do, down the road. You should likely do it sooner then later. It obviously depends on the type of content this page is about. Is there a slow season? If so, move it then.

Google typically will move all the link weight from page A to page B when a 301 is in place. Try not to change the content for the worse and try to keep all what you did well with that page on the new page.

Would you dare change your best performing page?

Forum discussion at Cre8asite Forum.

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Alistair Lattimore

05/28/2009 01:53 pm

If they are really that worried about changing the URL, move the page into into their new CMS (with a new URL) and use a tool like mod_rewrite or ISAPI_Rewrite to proxy/forward (not redirect) that particular URL onto the new CMS URL. That way the actual URL doesn't change but they get the convenience of the new CMS. However, it doesn't resolve the template/content issue but that it something entirely different.


05/28/2009 03:21 pm

if it ain't broke, don't fix it.... unless you're trying to increase conversions

Rob Abdul

05/29/2009 08:18 am

I agree with what "Simon" say's - build on a good thing but do not change it.

No Name

05/30/2009 01:03 pm

If your using redirect 301 and not changing the look and feel of the page - you can calm down. After a while Google will get you to the same rank.

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