How Google Maps Can Seriously Hurt Your Business

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In the past couple of weeks, we showed how Google Maps can cause real pain for some business owners. I first showed you how you can close down competitors on Google Maps and then I showed how your business listing can be merged into a competitors listing leaving them with your business and you with non.

Those are two serious ways on how Google Maps can seriously impact your business and sales. Google posted documents on how to reopen one's business after being closed, but we are still seeing complaints from business owners, to this day. Google is working on fixing the merging issue, but no update yet on when or how soon it might be fixed.

The next bug I spotted was via a Google Maps Help thread where one business owner explained that when conducting a search for signs Buckhead, Google changes the town of Buckhead to Bankhead. That then leads his potential customers to a totally different town, far away from his business.

He said:

When I use Google and try to search this (in Atlanta) "signs Buckhead" Google Maps listings result is "signs Bankhead" which is incorrect. Bankhead is in another section of town. This will cause me to drive way over to Bankhead to get my signs. The organic listings are OK but I need directions from the Maps. As a test I also tried "furniture Buckhead" and the same Bankhead listings came up again in Maps. Is this a search issue or a maps issue? When I look at Maps in the Buckhead area it says Bankhead as well.

Here is a screen capture:

Google Maps Bug

Google confirmed the issue and hopes to have this one resolved as well. But there is no estimated time for when the fix will be in place.

I certainly wonder, how many businesses are losing money due to these three recent bugs with Google Maps?

Forum discussion at Google Maps Help.

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05/08/2009 07:06 am

In my opinion its far to strong and coming up on far to many times.. A trigger word would be better e.g. shop

Alistair Lattimore

05/08/2009 12:37 pm

As a user I love the local business listings, they are fantastic. However, not so long ago the hotel company I work for had a hell of a time sorting out a local business listing. The hotel had a hotel & a pub/bar associated to it and the pub/bar was sold as we didn't want to own/run it. The phone number listed in the local business listings for the hotel happened to be the one that the pub took ownership of after the sale (the hotel has numerous phone numbers). When searching for the hotel, the phone number listed was now for the pub/bar, not the hotel. It took us the better part of 3 months to resolve it and over the time - the pub was being inundated with calls for the hotel. It was having a profound impact on the call volume going into the hotel, which translated into fewer reservations through the highest profit channel. Once rectified though, the business listing is now under our control and the data for both are true and accurate. Both parties are now much happier, the bar for getting fewer calls but relating to their business and the hotel for getting more calls related to reservations.


02/04/2012 06:54 pm

The fact that google does your thinking for you by changing the searched for word is just out and out B.S. I have encountered this before and it just really makes me angry, this spills over into search, not just maps.

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