Google Banning AdSense Publishers For Not Updating Privacy Policies?

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Ever since May 2008, when Google began supporting third-party cookies as part of the DoubleClick acquisition, Google has been asking AdSense publishers to update their privacy policies to include language that third-party cookies are in fact utilized. Then, more recently, Google started behavioral targeting ads and asked publishers again to update their privacy policies.

A new wave of AdSense publisher account bans has been spotted in the discussion forums and some believe this is due to some publishers not updating their privacy policies. A Google AdSense Help thread has discussion around this theory. One "Top Contributor" said:

The privacy policy is a huge deal because it's about doing ethical business. Google is, and partners with, some of the largest companies in the world through the AdSense/Words programs, and if parties on either side of the fence (SANE parties I mean, not these doofi who for some reason think that Google is trying to remain one of the world's largest and most successful companies by ripping them off for a hundred bucks) lost faith in the Google brand - which is largely built on their ethics - then the whole thing falls apart. The advertisers must have a degree of confidence that Google both maintains and enforces standards among their AdSense if Richard Branson happens to stop by LowGenius.Com and see that I don't have a privacy policy, and there's an ad for Virgin Airways at the top of my page, he's going to throw a fit and pull his ads...the whole network loses.

But do you think Google is really banning accounts over not having the proper privacy policy?

We recently polled our audience to see how many have updated their privacy policy for AdSense and currently, most have said they have not. If you have not taken the poll yet, please do and I will publish the results later this week.

Forum discussion at Google AdSense Help.

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Harsh Agrawal

04/27/2009 01:31 pm

Thanks for reminding , I have updated my site policy now.


04/27/2009 02:29 pm

This is a nightmare grrrrr... Some many sites to update :(

John Henry

05/01/2009 05:17 pm

I just wanted to thank you for quoting me in your article. I actually wrote and posted a blog entry of my own on this subject, in part because of the very thread you quoted. You can read that article at

John Henry

05/01/2009 05:23 pm

@gabs - sounds like an issue that requires a little clever thinking. As long as each site links to a privacy policy with accurate information...there's no reason the policy has to be reproduced on every site. If you own or developed or administrate,, and, and your own professional site is, you could link the first three to a policy at that is written to cover all the sites under your control. "The family of websites blah blah..." As long as the policy is YOURS and you abide by it (no fair linking to MY privacy policy, for instance), there should be no problem. That way you only have to fix a bunch of stuff one more time, and going forward when new policy changes are requested, you just have to change the one document.

No Name

08/26/2009 10:13 pm

my website not contains privacy policy.

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