Google Video Search Results Redesign Upsets Searchers

Apr 22, 2009 • 9:29 am | comments (6) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Google Search Engine

It appears Google has launched a redesign of the search results pages on Google Video. For example, a search on barry schwartz returns search results on the left side and the video on the right. If you click on a search result, it shows the video directly on that page and gives you the option to click through and watch it on the site it came from.

Here is a picture:

Google Video Redesign

A Google Web Search Help thread (note, the Google Video help forum is no longer, they moved it to the web search section) has a couple users who are unhappy with the new layout. The new layout is due to the fact that Google doesn't allow video uploads on Google anymore. It is now just a search engine for videos, while YouTube is their upload and user generated content (video) section.

One user said:

I am seeing a redesign of TV view when I search for a video in Google Video. The video description is takes up a lot of space, the video is smaller (and not expandable) and there is no way to rate videos (or even see video ratings!).

Alex Chitu said, "the new interface has a lot of flaws: the video player moves as you scroll down, the list of related videos is not always visible, Google Video no longer displays ratings and there's a lot of unused space."

Forum discussion at Google Web Search Help.

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Decky H. Rooroh

04/22/2009 03:40 pm

Nice info. This is the new era for video searchs.


04/22/2009 05:19 pm

i really dont see the issue, i think its an improvement and good to see its not a clone of youtube. It would be interested if they implemented search wiki and you could remove or hide elements.


04/22/2009 06:37 pm

I have over 100 videos on my website. Not one of them shows up in google video search. That is after months of video seo, and google video sitemaps. The only thing google video can search is other video websites. YouTube, metacafe, revver, etc... B


04/23/2009 08:59 am

Need to fix the "barry schwartz" link, Barry. A whole bunch of text is missing.

Barry Schwartz

04/23/2009 10:02 am

Fixed, thanks Robzilla - big mess up on my part.


04/24/2009 02:22 am

It would be better if the Google preview screen was the same size as before, and stayed still when scrolling through search results. The page options can still be shown, but I would recommend reducing that size to accommodate the larger preview screen

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