Google Apps is Safe For Video Uploads Despite Google Video Upload Cuts

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The other day, we reported that Google began cutting jobs, offices and services. Part of that, was cutting the ability to do video uploads at Google Video.

A concerned Google Apps user asked a valid question. He asked in a Google Video Help thread, does this impact Google App Premium users. The answer was no, Google Apps Premier users still can upload videos, as part of the service. In fact, Google had to update their FAQs to clarify this.

A Google representative, Sapna, said:

Good question! We just added it to the FAQ page as well.

This move is not going to affect the video service of Google Apps - you will still be able to upload & share videos.

Hope that alleviates some confusion!

The FAQs have now been updated to say:

Does this change apply to Google Video for business, used by companies for private, secure video sharing?

No, it doesn't. Google Video for business is part of Google Apps Premier Edition, and it lets employees share video content with each other, like team updates and recordings of training sessions and guest speakers. Business users can continue to upload and share videos, and the service is actively being developed.

Forum discussion at Google Video Help.

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