Google Putting Battered Women At Harm?

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A Google Maps Help forum thread has a post from Steve Thornton, the IT administrator at Solid Ground, an organization that does a lot of good. In short, Steve posted his extreme displeasure with how Google Maps is listing a shelter of theirs and it can lead to extreme issues for battered and abused woman, amongst others.

Let me quote Steve:

Angry husbands and boyfriends know where this place is now, and they come around and threaten staff and residents. This makes me so angry I'm spitting blood. Women and staff at other shelters around the country have been MURDERED. REMOVE OUR LISTING NOW!

He is a tech savvy individual, he knows how Google Maps works and he testified that he went through the steps to removed the listing in Google Maps. But after two tries, the listing is still there and he is fed up, frustrated and scared.

So far, Google has not replied to this thread.

Forum discussion at Google Maps Help.

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04/07/2009 02:21 pm

This is ridiculous. If they don't want to be found, why have they got the address in the contact page of their site, can't care too much about the women and staff in the shelters

Christina Gleason

04/07/2009 05:33 pm

Colin, these organizations have an administrative address that is separate from the individual shelters. The address on their contact page is not the address of the shelter. If you notice, they list a P.O. Box for the shelter.

Kandi Humpf

04/07/2009 05:36 pm

Google's response: Steve - it looks like there were duplicates at the address you're trying to remove. You were on the right track and successfully removed one of two duplicate listings appearing. For the second listing, it looks like you hadn't received the PIN yet. I went ahead and automatically verified with PIN the second listing appearing in your Local Business Center account. It should be disappear from Maps search results soon. I'm sorry for the inconvenience. From Joel H. at Google

Barry Schwartz

04/07/2009 05:49 pm

Glad Google took care of this now. :)

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