Yahoo Search Advertisers Upset With Conversions From Yahoo Shopping


A WebmasterWorld thread has complaints from Yahoo Search Marketing advertisers on the conversions, or lack there of, from Yahoo Shopping.

For example, if you do a search on Yahoo Shopping for ipods you may see Yahoo Search ads at the top of the product listings. Here is a screen capture:

Yahoo Shopping Search Ads

As you can see, it takes some scrolling to start seeing Yahoo Shopping results. And some Yahoo Search Marketing advertisers are not happy with their ads showing up in Yahoo Shopping. They want a way to opt out of that Yahoo property.

A WebmasterWorld moderator said, " provides me with horrible conversions. After about 9 pm EST, all of a sudden I get a barrage of clicks and never get any sales." A preferred member agreed, "I agree. I have horrible numbers for I want to block them but I can not. The traffic is not good for the campaigns I run."

Control is key for advertisers, especially in online and in search.

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.

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KJ Rodgers

03/13/2009 07:03 pm

I really do not blame them for being upset. The conversion rates must be low do to the shoppers' agenda.

No Name

03/14/2009 06:55 am

Yahoo have some problems

harry d

03/14/2009 08:11 am

Why is 'rustybrick' beating up Yahoo? Because two forum posts from people claiming to be advertisers don't get conversions? The first post was written in January, so it seems advertisers weren't quick to complain. Please spend your time on something more worthwhile.

Barry Schwartz

03/15/2009 12:25 am

Harry D, Glad you read here often.


03/16/2009 12:34 pm

Yeah harry d, you might want to know a little more of what Barry writes about before attempting to "bust" him. I for one totally agree with the argument against Yahoo Shopping. We're in the ink and toner industry and what precious little traffic we receive from that venue almost NEVER converts. It's pretty much garbage.

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