Google Sends 'Horny' Guys To Marketing Firm's Doorstep

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Imagine that a search for "Gentlemen's Club" and your zip code in Google returns your business in the top result set. Now, imagine if you are not a Gentlemen's Club and you get all these men coming to your office and you have to turn the men away. How would you feel?

That is exactly the issue one music PR company is having. A Google Maps Help discussion thread has a business owner who asks, what can he do to fix the issue. He said:

If you do a Google search for "Gentlemen's Club" and my zip code, my business is the first listing. Only problem is that we are a business marketing office. We get disappointed guys showing up here from time to time. I established an account a few months back, updated our profile, added images and made sure we had all the information updated. Unfortunately, months later we still come up in Gentlemen's Club searches. How do we fix it?

Can you imagine such a thing happening to your business? On occasion I get phone calls asking if my business, RustyBrick, does building construction. It makes sense, but I never had someone call my office or come to my office, expecting a Gentlemen's Club. I have received calls about building web sites for these types of companies and for escort services, but never had someone come into my office looking for those services.

I honestly don't know what to suggest to this guy to help him with his issue. I asked to see the specific listing and maybe a title tag or some anchor text can be changed to help the issue, but hard to say.

I know a lot of companies would pay big bucks to rank this well for this keyword in Google. But that doesn't mean it suits every business.

Forum discussion at Google Maps Help.

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Anthony Kirlew

03/12/2009 03:38 pm

This to me is evidence that there needs to be more support from Google Local. I had an instance a while back where the home address of the CEO of a company was showing up in the Google Local results for their business despite the listing having the correct information, and subsequently deleting and re-adding the profile, as well as a number of additional verifications and corrections. The lack of support was very disappointing and of course with the owners limited knowledge of what an SEO Consultant actually controls, it made them question my attention to the problem.

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