70% Of Google AdSense Publisher Report Lower Earnings in January '09

Feb 20, 2009 • 9:11 am | comments (5) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Google AdSense

Earlier this month, we polled Google AdSense publishers, asking how their earnings from Google is working out in this recession. After receiving about a 120 responses, I thought I share the results with you.

About 70% said they are earning less these days, whereas 22% said their earnings are the same and 8% said their earnings have increased.

Here is the break down:

:: Earnings Have Dropped said 82 respondents or 68.91% :: Earnings Remain The Same said 27 respondents or 22.69% :: Earnings Have Increased said 10 respondents or 8.4%

Yes, this recession is likely cutting AdWords budgets, impacting both publishers and Google.

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02/20/2009 02:24 pm

Thank you for sharing the results. I must agree. My earnings have dropped too.


02/20/2009 02:31 pm

Our January earnings were down significantly, but February has made a nice recovery. Personally, I chalk it up to a combination of seasonality (advertisers just establishing 09 budgets) and a lot of uncertainty in the economy. Advertisers are probably very unsure of what their marketing budgets should be.


02/20/2009 03:21 pm

January was awful for us but February is back to normal thankfully, probably slightly higher when you factor in this month is a few days shorter than most. I'm chalking it up to a seasonal dip.

Rob Abdul

02/21/2009 12:57 pm

My ad impression are up 400% CTR it at 5%, however the earning have almost ground to a halt. I’m glad that I do not rely on this as a revenue stream.

Tushar Padsumbiya

03/19/2009 06:08 am

My CTR is also down and pay per click earning is also downside at this time

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