Google Tells Suspended AdWords Advertisers Not To Try Reversing The Suspension

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I spotted an interesting exchange of words in a Google AdWords Help forum thread. An AdWords advertiser who had his account suspended due to terms of service violations asked if there was a way to reverse that.

Google's AdWordsPro Sarah had a pretty strong response. Let me quote her:

To be honest, its really hard to reactivate an account that is suspended because Google reserves the right to permanently terminate all AdWords activity if you ever violate the Terms and Conditions. If I were you, I would pursue other advertising channels.

Now, I don't know the details of this specific suspension, but in general, don't you think Google should be more open to this? I mean, don't most people deserve a second chance?

This advertiser was told to "pursue other advertising channels," now that is a bold comment. Personally, I find it a bit cool that Google would say that, but that is me.

Forum discussion at Google AdWords Help.

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Barrie Adams

02/13/2009 04:07 pm

"pursue other advertising channels" How harsh it that!

No Name

02/13/2009 04:40 pm

What else would we expect from a company with monopoly?

Dan Fallon

02/13/2009 04:42 pm

Sounds perfectly fair if all they are trying to do is sneak banned product areas into Adwords

David Rothwell

02/14/2009 10:16 am

I was contacted last year by an advertiser seeking to open a new account as his prior one had been terminated. He enclosed email threads he had had with a Google rep. I could see he had been *repeatedly* warned off what he was doing, yet he had persisted. I discussed it with my own account manager at Google Europe HQ and was advised against working with this advertiser. Bottom Line - if you're going to play the adwords game - follow the rules! 3 strikes (or whatever) and you're out - for good!!

David Rothwell

02/14/2009 10:20 am

(further thought) Don't forget whenever you open an account, you explicitly agree to their Terms of Service. If they didn't enforce them, what would be the point?

Gerry White

02/14/2009 10:43 pm

I have seen a few instances where Google has not "worked with" people in a relatively limited way, and this instance does seems to be one of those - I have seen people I have worked with get kicked out of Google for absolutely no real reason, what they did was NOT trying to break t's and c's. It is a shame there isn't any real competition for Google (Adwords)


02/28/2009 07:24 pm

I just got kicked off from Adwords, and They did not explain what have I done wrong! I had an ad running, that was similar to others, I used keywords by google adwords keyword tool, and 3 days later my account was suspended.I am brand new to this, and I called them to ask for some guidance, and all they said that they no longer addressing this issue... Now that is very professional!! Its okay, America's number one Banks and Factories are in big trouble because they were an empire once...look what happened to them ... Google will end up at the same place! Yahoo, Facebook, and other Search engines will come along soon!


07/08/2009 03:04 am

Google did the same exact thing to me. My site is not illegal or strange in any way. We were trying to sell 40 yard dash manuals online and they totally kicked me off. No warning and no explanation. I cannot believe this happened. I felt really violated in a way because I did nothing wrong. Well, what goes around comes around Google. I am advertising with Yahoo and having no troubles.

No Name

07/31/2009 04:24 pm

The funny part of this is that the Ads suddenly stop without any warnings, emails or alerts, I added more keywords, raised my bids, finally deleted the ads and made new ones but still no new impressions. When I first contacted them, they sent me autmated reply to go look for answers on their help site. The second time I tried they replied telling me that my account violates Term and conditions and suspended, I read their Terms and conditions again and again, as well as their advertising guidelines but still do not see where my account violates. so I replied to their email and in Google Support response, I was told that their decision was correct and final and that I can no longer run ads on Google, and that applies to all accounts I created with them. Very incompetent to say the least. Why they do not tell you the exact reason, according to their Terms and conditions neither the advertiser nor google is allowed to disclose any parts of Google terms and condistions to a third party, this is serving as an excuse. Let me tell you one thing, Anyone accepting these terms and conditions must be out of his/her mind, because it says clearly they can disclose your credit card and payment info to third parties for payment collection and that Google is not liable for any outcome of this action.

Nathan Carlson

08/14/2009 12:56 pm

I was in the same boat- dismissed for no specific reason, and had my account zeroed out. Google continued displaying ads on my site, though (go figure). As far as I'm concerned, I will NEVER trust Google with my financial information and will certainly never give them "free" advertising again (ie, I've sworn off adwords forever).


09/02/2009 01:45 pm

Same happened to me, the funny thing is the ad support said in quotes "Do not contact us again". How, that make me feel very embarrass, because i was paying them $1000 per month last 12 months, and this is what I ended up with. Death to google!


09/12/2009 03:37 pm

There's too much secrecy at the Google headquarters. I wonder if all those clicks are truly valid. Some 'whistle-blower' will hopefully blow the whistle on Google and the entire executive team will go to jail! HOORAY!!!


10/06/2009 04:27 am

Last week Google Adwords suspended my account, my business is destroyed, I am really upset. I came across this eBook 'Get Adwords unbanned' They have a 100% money back guarantee, but before I go and purchase this book did anyone of you guys read it?


10/09/2009 10:59 am

Google Adwords suspended my account as well. I bought the ebook 2 weeks ago, it's very useful. I would recommend it. it worked for me.


12/05/2009 01:17 am

I was banned the other day also for no specific reason. I purchased the ebook and am a bit confused. He says to wait 45 days after deleting your old campaigns before signing up again as well he tells of how to get setup to fund the new account which would take weeks and yet the testimonials including the people on this site claim to be up and running within 24-48 hours.


12/31/2009 12:46 am

I got banned from adwords on boxing day, I was lucky because at least they did not suspend my account earlier December so my holiday business was not that much affected. I purchased the ebook as well, the book must have been updated in the meantime, as it did not mention a 45 days waiting period. I used to get a new IP address I also followed all the steps as described in unbanned ebook. I just checked on Google and my Ads are displayed again from my new Adwords account. I believe the important thing is that you have follow every step, if you miss one step Google will ban you again.


08/02/2010 06:28 pm

I've purchased the ebook and followed the steps today. I will update when / if my new account starts working.


09/10/2010 10:45 pm

They sus[ended my account for no reson to. I hope all those fuckers from google go to jail and get raped.


09/23/2010 09:02 pm

MotherF*** Google!!! They are having a anarchist run right now, but we'll see when this attitude comes back and bites them in their monopoly ass. I hope the very worst and will send karmic waves to the universe for their demise!


01/09/2011 05:16 am

I was also suspended for no reason at all after my click through rates were very high. I now gave up on AdWords and Google as a company. I found a few different alternatives such as social media and interesting websites such as Past AdWords customers need to move on to a better company that will treat them with respect and understand that these are customers who make money for them.


01/10/2011 10:44 pm

i was banned without any warning or alert, and when i try to caontact them an auto-reply keeps answering me. what kind of service is this? You should be a shame Google.


01/30/2011 02:05 am

Google was making money with me and it suspended my Adwords account because I was using affliated links... I think Google is Evil.

Sachin fdo

03/11/2011 09:08 pm

Google is a shame.. .They suspend the accounts for no good reason. They approve the ads and make it active.. Once our balance drains out or your campaign ends, they suspend the account and would say that there is repeated violation and that account is suspended. In my case, it was my first campaign and they said it was because of repeated violation... funny... Google adwords is a disgrace..


03/31/2011 09:14 pm

I had the same problem. I am now using they have Adwords accounts you can use if you have been suspended.


04/22/2011 10:25 am

I mean whoa, that happened to me too. Google has become too big and arrogant. They'll come down someday.


05/03/2011 12:42 am

haha! I closed my account 9 months ago...and shut down the whole google account altogether when I got a warning. all campaigns, all ads and everything were fully deleted. And now, totally out of the blue, the whole account has been suspended! even worse is that they sent a notification to an e-mail address which was totally UNRELATED to my adwords account, so how on earth they got those details is a total mystery....must have been tracking it through cookies or something. all I can say is that adwords policy is absolutely SHOCKING. luckily Ive switched to SEO for my web business so the suspension has no affect whatsoever on my business, but had I not taken the change when I got the final warning, I could have been in trouble adwords needs to change its policy urgently, as its totally unethical and legitimate and completely white hat businesses are being burned...

Mrs. H

05/15/2011 02:03 pm

I received a warning on two websites and deleted the websites immediately. I still have no clue as to why they were against Google's policy. This was 3 months ago. Since then all my ads were running fine and had quality scores of 10/10, 9/10, 7/10. Google just suspended my account for those websites that I deleted 3 months ago. Yes, we all need to pursue other advertising channels and start giving Google real competition.  We should start advertising on Yahoo and file suits with the Attorney General.  Enough filings will make them start looking into Google's practices.


05/22/2011 03:38 am

 I just had the same issue. I signed up tonight and was going to advertise my business blog. I created my ads and set my keywords and everything looked good until a few minutes later they suspend my site for violating their Site Policy. According to their site policy you are basically not allowed to promote anything that makes you money. Now I know this sounds strange, but from what I see my site most likely does not meet their guidelines because I have partnerships with other companies and I have links to my co-branded pages on my site. Simply put if you do this Google thinks you are a scammer. I am OK with them trying to keep out scammers, but if we are paying them and we are simply trying to operate an online business that is legitimate what is the issue. Obviously Google is starting to become more like a monopoly and dictating what others can and cannot advertise on their sites.


06/10/2011 02:24 am

well there is one big issue here. Google can tell advertisers to pursue other advertising channels, but there are none. Google has such dominance, that a business can go out of business if they can no longer use google. This is far too much power for one company to yield. They can almost put anyone out of business just by suspending their Adwords or kicking them out of the search index. With this power, they do need to act responsibly. No one even knows what the adwords policies really are. They can change any minute and anyone can get banned. Google wants their advertisers to be transparent blah blah, exactly what Google never is. Everyone just needs to keep making noise about their unfair practices and worst of all, abuse of power. If Google wasn't dominant, there policies would be MUCH MUCH different. What a great business model they have. We will take your money and treat you like dirt and destroy you whenever we feel like it. This type of greed never ends well.


06/27/2011 03:13 pm

Yes I have just had the same treatment as everyone else here from google adwords. Thanks to everyone who listed there solutions and alternatives. Hope we see some competition in the future for google as this monopoly is not good for any of us.


07/01/2011 06:18 am

Actually you can get unbanned, but it rarely happens. Avoid fake books or advise like the "adwords unbanned" book, it is just a scam and has no real content. 


10/17/2011 05:42 am

Even though I agree with you that they have that capability and was on the receiving end of it myself, I don't blame Google. They have the right to refuse service if they chose to. The fact that your business can only survive if Google let's you means that your business model is weak.


02/19/2012 10:08 pm

Hi all let Google Ads  people, I set my first Google Adwords Campaign up 4 days ago and guess what they have pemantly suspended it and talking about violations. I have Quality Scores on all my three, yes three keywords 7/10, no keyword relevance problems , no landing page problems etc, and no dissaproved Ads and all keywords eligible. WHAT CAN I SAY!!!!!!!. Regards to all at Google.  Edward..

Oscar Martinez

05/14/2012 09:40 pm

This is crazy! Google actions are extreme. I understand there could be ads and landing pages that should not be allowed. But Google will just go ahead and suspend your whole account! Google got so big that now they don't care for the little money we can pay them I guess. I really hope Bing takes a big chunk of the Search market. We need serious competition on this space.


12/15/2012 03:54 pm

They suspended (lifetime suspension!!!) my acct and wouldn't tell me why. I called 3 times. I hadn't ran an ad or even logged on for 2+ years!!! They said I need to read the terms and conditions. How could I have broke the rules when I wasn't even using there service, I don't know and they won't say. I used to like and admire google.... not so much now. I think what they did to me and apparently do to others is totally unfair.

Google Hater

02/08/2013 01:08 am

Yes this is dumb, made one mistake and they tell you to get bent.. they said I have to fix the site to match their terms... ok but the site I advertised I did not own but was an affiliate of and it is now shut down. They tell me on the phone. "Not my problem, you have to somehow fix that site" Umm... I do not own the site how can I fix what I do not own??? Now they also suspending YouTube accounts that try to make advertisement videos on them... What next Google you gonna ban me from the internet if i not use Google Chrome?


07/25/2013 06:33 pm

Google Adwords customer service sucks - they don't give people second chances. I hate Google and Google Adwords.


08/15/2013 10:24 pm

Go tell that to the millions of people making money thanks to Google Adwords and SEO. Fortune 500 companies rely on Google SEO algorithm.

Phone Source

09/03/2013 06:52 pm

Google's arrogance will eventually leads to its destruction. Bing Ads which includes Microsoft and Yahoo's networks is a very good alternative to Google AdWords.


10/18/2013 05:50 pm

Suspension would never occur if Google has checked the site initially when it was being submitted for the Ads. It is fault on the Google end and now they are trying to hide their mistakes by saying that we violated the rules. If the site was checked initially and if there was any issue with any off the terms and conditions set by Google they should have let the site owner aware about it and they should have provided the ways how to fix the site. It is nothing but shear ignorance on the part of Google. There are many companies whose business comes from the ad-words posted on Google and now they are starving to survive just because of the mistakes by Google. Thousands of people will become Jobless and the whole credit will go to Google.


01/08/2014 06:52 pm

Boombo you think G would terminate a Fortune 500 company account? Haha that is a good one! LOL But the little guys are fun to squish. Makes kind of a squirting sound when their guts come flying out.

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