Google Bug Halts Payments to AdSense Publishers

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Google has confirmed in a Google AdSense Help thread that many publishers did not received their January payments due to a bug in the system. The bug put publisher accounts on hold, which automatically held any payments being sent to these publishers. Google's AdSense Pro William confirmed the issue last night, saying:

Of late we have noticed complaints from Publishers about not receiving payments on time in spite of having no visible holds on the account. This was due to a bug which has been fixed and in the mean time we have been removing the holds manually and the publishers would be receiving the payments in the next payment cycle possible. Also, to be noted the holds removed between January 15 and February 15 will be reflected in payments issued at the end of February.

I believe this is a continuation of the story we covered a couple weeks ago named Google Confirms Not Paying Some AdSense Publishers. Let's add this to the list of recent bugs we have been noticing with Google in the past week, I think we are over 10 now.

Forum discussion at Google AdSense Help.

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02/11/2009 11:11 am

i was shocked for a sec reading this..and later recovered tho but then how with those publishers who are not paid by google..Though it has bugs, its doing neccessary action to sustain the current activities...


10/28/2009 05:38 am

Here's the real problem. The payment bugs have hit Google's system time and time again. They need to have in place a manual solution to releasing the payments asap since they are not going to fix the problem. Today it's this publisher has a problem, and tomorrow it's another, and the next day it's another. I guess when Google can hold back potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars (possibly millions if you consider all publishers world wide that could be experiencing the payment bug) in payments for an additional month, where is the incentive to fix the problems as they come up? It would mean a loss in profit from the interest that money gets just sitting there for a month. I don't see an incentive for Google to fix the bugs one at a time and not release payments any sooner, do you? It would mean a loss in income, and god forbid Google purposely makes any less and costs them more to fix their payment system, or at least get payments out (even if a little late, like a week).

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