AdSense Publisher Find Optimization Reports To Be a Waste of Time

Jan 13, 2009 • 8:45 am | comments (2) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Google AdSense

AdSense Optimization Reports PollAbout a week ago, we ran a poll asking publishers how helpful they found the AdSense optimization reports, which they launched in April 2007.

The results are now in and we see that about 70% find them to be not helpful and likely a complete waste of their time and Google's time (which is automated).

Here is the breakdown of the 60+ votes:

:: AdSense optimization reports are not helpful said 43 respondents or 69.35% :: AdSense optimization reports are somewhat helpful said 17 respondents or 27.42% :: AdSense optimization reports are very helpful said 2 respondents or 3.23%

I guess you can't please them all. But while 70% say they are not helpful, only 3% find them to be very helpful. I guess we would like more votes, but I would guess most experienced publishers don't make changes based on those optimization reports.

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Saad Kamal

01/13/2009 06:20 pm

Honestly, those reports are just a joke. Its just a basic 'recommendation' with a fancy title.


01/14/2009 08:31 am

If 2 people found it "very helpful" then its worth it imho.. I think its a little unfair as non seo/newbie types may find it valuable.. :)

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