YPN (Yahoo Publisher Network), Where Did You Go?

Dec 9, 2008 • 8:17 am | comments (3) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Yahoo Publisher Network

Remember Yahoo's Google AdSense killer? Yea, the Yahoo Publisher Network, or commonly known as YPN. Haven't heard about that service in a long time? That is correct.

The last time we posted anything about it was on October 13th and it was titled Yahoo Improves Publisher Network Relevancy. It was basically a Yahoo rep going around to the various forums announcing that Yahoo has improved the relevancy of the product.

Since then, not one peep from us on Yahoo's Publisher Network. Why? Well, as you know, we cover forum buzz and since the forums are hush on the topic, we remain hush.

The last post at WebmasterWorld's YPN Forum was on October 24th. Someone just created a thread today at WebmasterWorld asking if YPN is dead. His reasoning?

This board doesn't seem to be getting any activity these days. Is YPN dead for publishers around here?

No one will argue, or no one has argued - at least yet.

Sad to see no news, at all, on YPN for this long - but I guess this is the new reality of Yahoo?

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.

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12/09/2008 04:58 pm

Funny I run YPN, And I get paid each month on time. Funny, if I have a problem with YPN, I can get on the phone and actually "TALK" to someone. I guess your theory, If no one's bitching no ones happy? D/C


12/09/2008 05:28 pm

I used to run YPN as well as Google Adsense but ultimately cancelled it because it wasn't making much money. Granted, I didn't give it the greatest placement on the site either, but it just never reached a threshold where I'd ever get paid, and was serving mostly irrelevant or placeholder ads. They seemed undersold. I replaced them with Chitika and found that to be much more profitable.

Glenn Betz

12/09/2008 07:43 pm

YPN is dead. Beta for what now, 3 years? No Buzz in years and the yahoo staff leaving in droves from the sinking purple (yellow?) submarine that is Yahoo. It is a shame, I would love to have more good choices. Chitika? Puulllez. Vibrant? OK..not bad but not the same as adsense but works well WITH IT. Just YPN as stated in the original blog was supposed to be this great alternative to adsense and nothing has ever materialized and I really don't think ever will. Lets make a death pool website for ypn (ypndeathpool.com) - be fun and the winner gets a big fat purple barney doll. Bye bye YPN, sorry to never have known you.

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