Google Gets Cheap: Cancels '08 Holiday Gifts To Advertisers/Publishers

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AdWordsAdvisor has replied to the WebmasterWorld thread I was tracking on Google sending out holiday gifts to advertisers and publishers. AdWordsAdvisor said Google will not be sending out gifts to advertisers and publishers like they have in the past. Why? AdWordsAdvisor say because it "is not the most appropriate gesture this year given the current global economic climate."

Are you kidding me? Just say the truth. The gesture is right, cause these publishers and advertisers earned you millions of dollars in 2008. It is just because you guys are cutting back in preparation for an incredibly horrible 2009. I am not upset that the gifts are not going out, in fact, I considered the same for my company - but I decided to just spend less this year, as opposed to cutting it out of our budget. Just be honest, tell it like it is. It is that Google is trying to save money, like the rest of the world. I do not see how it is an inappropriate gesture. In fact, it would be very appropriate to stand up as a different company and say - hey, we value the advertisers and publishers that make our business run and here is a gift, even if it is just a card, to say thank you. But to call it inappropriate? I don't buy that.

So why are some people getting gifts? Well, some people are outliers and they get Google fridges and special schwag from Google on a per company basis. But the mass holiday gift in 2008, as you can see above, has been cancelled.

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12/05/2008 02:23 pm

barry it's like you are surprised Google really doesn't give a crap about us. It's becoming the norm at Google to really just do whatever they want without care of who it might disrupt and maybe the gifts doesn't fall under that statement but they clearly just don't care about their advertisers/publishers. period. //g


12/05/2008 02:51 pm

I'm with you Barry. This move is tantamount to cancelling Christmas. Cards, smaller gifts, some token of appreciation would be more than appropriate, especially in light of how much some of us spend with Google every year. Bah Humbug to Google!


12/05/2008 03:51 pm

Maybe they are getting ready to go to Washington and beg for a $50 Billion loan. Wouldn't look good to pull an AIG just before hand. Nor would it be good to sow up in the Google 747, lol.

Michael Martinez

12/05/2008 04:57 pm

Now that Google is circling the wagons and calling in the outriders, it's a safe bet to say they have caved in to recession thinking. Stimulating the economy by purchasing goods and services from other companies is hardly something a cash-rich company should deem to be inappropriate.


12/05/2008 05:16 pm

I cant believe it! You are arguing over some gifts. LOL! i wonder how many of you have sent anything ever to google for offering you a way of living. (because seo it mostly about google).


12/05/2008 05:18 pm

I cant believe it! You are arguing over some gifts. LOL! i wonder how many of you have sent anything ever to google for offering you a way of living. (because seo it mostly about google).

Shaun Tinnell

12/12/2008 04:52 pm

I think that Google is crazy not to send out gifts and its not about the gifts. We as internet marketing companies help make Google legit by talking business owners into spending money to optimize their companies website and advertise with Google which makes the results for a search more likely to produce real companies. Google should consider working with marketing companies that help bring legit business to the top of the serps. For more information on SEO go to <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>


12/13/2008 11:55 pm

This article says AdWordsAdvisor stated no gifts this year. However, it appears thar AdSENSEAdvisor actually made the statement. Adsense and Adwords are not the same. Adwords clients dump tens of thousands of dollars into google each year. I suspect that google is not stupid enough to blow off those customers. Adsense publishers? Maybe since they are already earning commission from those suckers dumping money into Adwords.

No Name

12/18/2008 03:22 am

Last year googles gift was basically a charitable contribution of your choice. If they can't replicate that this year...then google has definetly turned evil.


12/21/2008 12:38 am

Well I just got a 'six year' Adwords gift comprising a black apron for the kitchen I guess plus a "KeyWord:Delicious" recipe book PLUS a booklet 'Advanced Tips from Adwords Experts. Well thanks Google. Actually I do feel just a little bit special. More than I got from my real job!

Tyler Durden

03/06/2009 02:46 pm

I guess the execs that made the decision to blow off their best customers in 2008, were rewarded with their own gift.,2933,504134,00.html?sPage=fnc/scitech/personaltechnology As a high paying customer who has endured rising CPCs and decreasing ROI, 2008's 'reversal of appreciation' is insulting. Google has forgotten WHO their revenue comes from.

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