Google Begins Sending Out 2008 Holiday Gifts: Mug, Shirt & Pen

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Update: Google has confirmed that they have cancelled gifts for 2008 for most advertisers and publishers. Trust me, you want to click through and read why.

It is that time again, Google is sending out holiday gifts to their advertisers and publishers. The first report of a received gift comes from WebmasterWorld from a Belgium AdSense publisher. The package arrived via UPS and included Shirt, a Mug, a Pen, a Mouse Pad and Paper with Google Logo.

Here is a picture from tammy in the forums:

Google 2009 Gifts

Here is a closer picture of the mug:

Google 2009 Gifts

We expected the Google gift this year to be, well, cheap. I am not sure if I classify this as "cheap" compared to last year's gift of Google memory cards. But compared to Google's digital picture frames in 2006 and Google computer pack filled with mobile gadgets in 2005, it is.

I am glad to see they did not cut gifts out of the budget in 2008.

Forum discussion continued at WebmasterWorld.

Update: I received a picture from another publisher, this one just got a mug, nothing else. Here is a picture:

Google Mug Holiday Gift

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Pinonda Lapel

12/03/2008 01:48 pm

Any word on the gift cards to I'd gladly trade the schwagg for the chance to give to a local school again. ~Pinonda


12/03/2008 07:28 pm

google i love this company


12/03/2008 11:53 pm

I've learnt this news was fake, is it true?


12/04/2008 03:05 am

Hello, I live in Belgium too and I received the Mug only but No Shirt, No Mouse Pad, No Bag. I think the full package is for best publisher. Nice Mug for my collection.

Ron Hekier

12/04/2008 03:27 am

The gift undoubtedly depends on how much you spend on Adwords, or make on Adsense. We'll see what I get this year!


10/24/2009 01:39 pm

pretty awesome i want to received gift also coming from goolge

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