Most Popular Searches on Google, Ask, and Yahoo for 2008 Revealed

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Want to know the hottest search terms across the various search engines? Yahoo, Ask, and Google [Product Search] have listed the most popular items. Here's what Yahoo has as its top 10 searches:

1. Britney Spears 2. WWE 3. Barack Obama 4. Miley Cyrus 5. RuneScape 6. Jessica Alba 7. Naruto 8. Lindsay Lohan 9. Angelina Jolie 10. American Idol

And's most popular list, on the contrary, doesn't seem that interesting (as some say):

1. Dictionary 2. MySpace 3. Google 4. YouTube 5. Facebook 6. Coupons 7. Cars 8. Craigslist 9. Online degrees 10. Credit score

Google's most popular searches are not available (yet?), but Google's most popular product searches are public:

1. nintendo wii 2. wii fit 3. ipod touch 4. xbox 360 5. nintendo ds 6. ipod nano 7. uggs 8. nikon d90 9. zune 10. digital picture frame

Surprised much? Some are.

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12/02/2008 04:21 pm

I wouldn't say I'm surprised that Britney Spears was searched more often than Obama. Not surprised, just, I don't know, disappointed in a way. Know what I mean?


12/02/2008 04:37 pm

i don't think what was searched was that important but looking at the lists definitely shows the difference in users from all 3 something to look at when doing ppc for all three. shows who you should be writing the text for.

Bill Ross

12/02/2008 07:21 pm

That is definitely interesting. It gives some insight into how the engines are being used and the type of individual who uses each of them. Yahoo (Entertainment minded), Ask (Information minded), and Google (Technology minded). This not only gives PPC insight but SEO targeting and which engines your site should try to get to the top of in order to target the right audience and get the best ROI.

Jonathan Bentz

12/02/2008 09:22 pm

Bill - I'd still argue that you should target Google for everything. Dually noted on the entertainment angle of Yahoo!, however. Anyway, I find it interesting that the people who use Ask are searching specifically for other websites. Are we to assume that Ask is being used by people who have a lower comfort level and education with the internet? That information can be helpful.

No Name

12/03/2008 06:18 pm

Seriously, Britney? Can't believe Naruto only came 7th. Whats with Ask boring list, seems like most of their users are oblivious to the net, hehe


12/03/2008 11:22 pm

Britney Spears and nintendo wii? This is interesting!


12/04/2008 12:42 am

Interesting that Paris didn't get a mention, nor did porn. Like really, a list of the most searched terms in a year and not one adult reference? That is... curious.


12/04/2008 12:40 pm

Yes, it's curious not to see those keywords. Is this list filtered to exclude adult terms?

No Name

12/10/2008 05:41 pm

this is shocking that Britney is stood first in search...

Adam D

12/10/2008 10:48 pm

In fact, as an employee of Yahoo!, Britney Spears has been our No. 1 search for the last 8 years running; effectively her entire career. Our audience are extremely Entertainment minded, although in Australia that comes at no surprise as Yahoo!7 is tied with Channel 7 (TV), Pacific Magazines (Print) and Yahoo!7 (Online) under the holding company, Seven Media Group. All content from all 3 mediums are generally displayed online first, as the hub of it all, giving us the perfect opportunity to be Entertainment-angled. Ask users seem to be incredibly boring, and added to that I would have to agree with someone people here that they are either new to the online envrionment or are purely information based; mind you Ask used to be extremely popular before Google came on board so I have reservations about the users and their 'newness' to online. Nonetheless, interesting.

No Name

12/14/2008 01:18 pm

Not surprising at all...


03/13/2011 01:52 pm

Where's "Horny nurses big boobs"?

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