Poll: SEOs Should Get Degrees in Marketing & Programming

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SEO DegreesWant to be an SEO? Well, we asked SEOs what degrees upcoming SEOs and SEMs should obtain.

The overwhelming number of responses were for marketing and programming degrees. Here is the breakdown of the 265 submissions:

:: Marketing said 126 respondents or 48% :: Programming said 66 respondents or 25% :: Statistics said 34 respondents or 13% :: English said 22 respondents or 8% :: Other said 10 respondents or 4% :: Math said 7 respondents or 3%

The other results were, Multimedia Technology and Design, Humanities, Journalism, Deception and scamming, Special Forces, Journalism, Finance, Physics, and none needed. Some of those responses were funny.

Forum discussion continued at HighRankings Forum.

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11/07/2008 09:09 pm

I was actually one of the commenters who said journalism. The reason why was because I used to work for a sizeable SEO/SEM firm that needed to find a lot of entry-level people, and we had exceptional success when hiring people with a journalism background. Because so much of working as an SEO/SEM requires critical thinking skills across a variety of disciplines and an ability to synthesize the findings and recommendations for a variety of different audiences, we found these people to be much easier to train than people who had more specialized degrees. People who came from marketing backgrounds were fine, but frequently struggled with the technical side issues (for whatever reason, the journalism kids seemed a bit more savvy--many had taken some basic web dev classes), and the tech-side people were awesome when it came to some issues but quickly grew bored or were lacking when it came to contextual problems. There's also not much competition for journalism majors nowadays so there was a fairly sizable talent pool of them available.


11/07/2008 11:53 pm

Jason, thanks for your comment! I´ve studied Journalism and changed profession two years ago. Currently I work as SEO Executive. I have to admit though that sometimes I´m wondering if I should have studied marketing, computer science or web development. I´ve had a lot to catch up with. So it was great to hear that you´ve got good experience with journalists picking up SEO skills!

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