Real Search Engine Optimization Experts are Invisible

Oct 21, 2008 • 8:12 am | comments (6) by twitter | Filed Under SEO - Search Engine Optimization

A High Rankings Forum member questions the actions of current SEOs and wonders if the real SEO "doers" are actually working behind closed doors. He says that the SEOs who consistently tell secrets are putting themselves in danger -- the more secrets revealed, the less likely it will be for them to get clients since new "SEOs" who absorb that knowledge claim themselves to be experts and snatch up those who need SEO services. There's also the possibility of SEO secrets becoming useless over time (think: Give It Up at SMX).

I'm not sure that all SEO experts are really in hiding. Sure, I've seen a ridiculous amount of quacks claiming to be SEO geniuses probably because they've read someone's SEO guide once or twice and think they know it all. But there's no secret sauce, as many people say, and SEO isn't so much about knowledge but about application, a concept that many SEOs know quite well. SEO is also a forever-changing methodology; you'll never stop learning -- there are always new ideas and thoughts that may need to be integrated into your mindset.

Most SEO experts who claim themselves to be experts are probably fooling themselves. You can never be an "expert" in this field -- or at least, it shouldn't be a self-designation. (Other people will know if you're an expert, and if you deny it, then you probably are an expert after all.)

At the end of the day, there may be some truth to the invisibility claim (for example, I may not know all of the SEOs out there who are great at what they do), but there are just as many prominent SEOs who are also experts.

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Paul Pedersen

10/21/2008 12:58 pm

I think it’s a combination of [1] hiding, [2] not caring about notoriety and [3] being to busy to get out in the community. I don’t share too often because of issues 2 and 3 but when I do I’m not giving away my best secrets. Neil Patel said it well in this post:

Matt Mikulla

10/21/2008 03:00 pm

Personally I like to sit back and absorb what's happening and just do my client work. I will be writing more in the near future but there is so much regurgitation in the SEO field that it can be a challenge to write original content. My partners enjoy writing about SEO more than I do. Again, that is just me.


10/21/2008 03:06 pm

Well, it seems like the "personalities" are marketers who do some SEO consulting, etc.

Todd Mintz

10/21/2008 05:17 pm

I think the real good "techniques" are hidden (as opposed to the people doing them).

No Name

10/21/2008 10:09 pm

yeah lots of SEOs put a target on their head for their 15 minutes of fame...let's be frank google hates SEO ( and don't give me some bs that they do indeed like us) ...and so most people that write about it aren't the ones that are really do well with it...

Mark Anderson

10/22/2008 10:48 am

I like your point about not being an expert until you deny it when other people say it. The internet is sorely lacking in genuine modesty. Ps. I'm a real SEO expert, just for the record ;)

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