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AdWords on TwitterIt appears Google AdWords is going to start using Twitter for communication purposes.

AdWordsPro Sarah started a Google Groups thread announcing this as a possibility. So I tried a few Twitter accounts and spotted that contained some early Twitters, mostly with announcement like notifications, linking back to the AdWords Blog.

It seems like this Twitter account has been set up since August 18, 2007 as a twitter feed but Google has yet to really announce it. There are only about twenty followers right now, and I suspect that will jump tremendously with this write up and then even more with any announcement Google makes on the topic.

Sarah from Google said:

But, as it turns out, Google is currently exploring the use of Twitter as a different support model. Which got me to wondering if my fellow forum members used Twitter? Would you be interested in AdWords Twitter support? Is this idea crazy or worth exploring (or maybe both!)?

So, she just became aware of this Twitter feed? She seems interested in expanding this feed, even more. But before she does this, she wants feedback.

Forum discussion at Google Groups.

Postscript: The Microsoft adCenter team notified me they have had a Twitter account for a while at The announced this a while back on the adCenter Blog.

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Mike Wilton

10/13/2008 04:21 pm

The question is whether or not Google is actually behind the account you found. A coworker of mine had picked up Microsoft Live Search as a twitter profile before Microsoft could grab it and pretended to be Microsoft for some time. It wasn't until he was forced to surrender it that anyone even knew it wasn't run by Microsoft. He would link to relevant blog posts and articles from Microsoft and gained a number of followers who were under the impression it was a legitimate Microsoft profile. I'm curious to see if this is in fact something Google setup and I hope if they officially announce it you'll do a follow up post.

Barry Schwartz

10/13/2008 04:22 pm

I am not certain, but I am convinced it is real. Of course, I will do a follow up, when I have an official word.


10/14/2008 08:50 am

Ad words is a good solution; but it continues to follow the stale old act of creating large amounts of revenue on the backs of members and their content. Google is easily worth at least a billion, and where is the value coming from other than members/the communities content and activities. How much ad revenue is google sharing with members and communities that generate value ad revenue for them ? Are they giving anything back to the community that has put them where they are ? I am technology consultant, and this summer I became so feed up with the share cropper mentality of sites like Google that I decided to build an application that shares the wealth that is created with the community. We also have a stand alone ad service and we have a granular micro revenue sharing service that allows members to share their revenue with Friends, Groups, or Causes. And unlike Google and the rest we will be releasing most of the service to the open source community because we know we are not the smartest guys in the room.

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