Google Limits 500 Sites in Google Webmaster Tools

Oct 1, 2008 • 8:28 am | comments (2) by twitter | Filed Under Other Google Topics

Got a lot of websites? Hopefully you don't have to monitor them all. That's because Google has limited the number of sites registered in Google Webmaster Tools to 500, according to Google Groups. Unfortunately, that number will not be lifted and you'd just have to get another account for additional monitoring if you're a regular John Doe.

However, if you're a partner, it's possible for the number to be raised, but it's a manual process, according to JohnMu. If you're affected, you can hop on over to Google Groups and ask for some help.

Forum discussion continues at Google Groups.

This post was written over this past weekend and was scheduled for publication on October 1st.

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10/01/2008 01:21 pm

Short clairification -- the limit doesn't get lifted for "partners" :-). The manual process I mentioned is what is needed to get verified as a Webmaster Tools Access Provider, which is essentially a way to automate creation of accounts and submission of Sitemap files. It's generally something that makes sense for hosting companies and the like. More information on that setup can be found at

No Name

10/04/2008 03:50 pm

i don't see the big deal here, as mentioned it is quite easy just to setup a second or third google account and work away if really needed, or indeed take advantage of the provider program

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