Search Engine Optimization Improves with Site Size -- Or Does It?

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On one Crea8site Forums thread, Barry Welford asks if size is a factor in SEO success. It seems from the results that bigger sites (1000+ pages, according to him) have biggest (45%) success. Smaller sites could still be improved upon, according to 27% of the respondents, and 18% actually find success with a sub-1000 page site.

In the meantime, with such few respondents (I should have mentioned that only 11 people have responded), you can't gather that much from the poll, and forum sentiment echoes that thought.

Regardless, EGOL has some interesting feedback, and I will follow that with my own experience:

I think that the measure of success is not really in how big the site is but instead with who is running the site. I have a 5000 page site that is doing great and a five page site that is doing great.

Recently, Technorati released its state of the blogosphere 2008 and Muhammad Saleem noted that high quality is still king. I'm in agreement here. My "small" (~280 pages) blog is doing darn well.

Forum discussion continues at Cre8asite Forums.

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09/30/2008 03:16 pm

It depends what you mean by success. Big sites have more traffic because they have more content, more ammo to fire at those SERPs. I call just adding lots of content brute force SEO. They also in the long run accumulate more links by nature of their larger content. But a small site can do just fine as well, especially if the smaller site doesn't need as much traffic to be profitable - because it is a high earning ecommerce site or a content site in a small but lucrative niche.

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