Google Messes Up AdSense Exchange For Indian Rupee

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A DigitalPoint Forums thread has a three page thread on the topic of Google messing up yet again with the exchange rate given to publishers. This time Google equated one US dollar to one Indian Rupee. The true current exchange rate is $1 US to 46.555 INR. Yes, a huge difference.

The main questions Indian AdSense publishers are asking themselves are:

(1) Is this just a reporting glitch? (2) If not, how long will it take for them to get the difference they are owed?

We have seen this happen in the past. First with Australian publishers and then with Canadian publishers, every time - it benefited Google.

I know the US dollar is at risk, but $1 US to 1 INR?

India / US Exchange Rate Mistake Google AdSense

Honestly, don't panic, I am sure Google will make things right.

Forum discussion at DigitalPoint Forums.

Update: Google is aware of it and will let us know what they will do to fix the issue.

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Sampad Swain

09/26/2008 05:29 pm

Interesting findings. I just hope that Google bails out the Indian Adsense publisers since its a huge difference. $1 to Rs. 46.55 Thanks for the update. --Sampad


09/26/2008 05:40 pm

Thank god it is just a glitch, i was panicked seeing that in my account. i thought it was only on my account!


09/27/2008 06:23 am

And the same happened for South African AdSense Publishers. An email notifying of the problem was sent but the exchange rate still shows 1:1 in the Google Payment History. Oh Well Sh*t happens

Anoop Kumar

09/27/2008 06:50 am

yeap, i have got an email from google adsense about this issue. It was just a glitch. Hope everything will be fine... :)


09/27/2008 08:50 am

I got email from the adsense too regarding this issue. Yhank god It has happend to all. This is my first adsense check iam going to recieve. Thnks for the post!


10/29/2008 04:50 am

hi it happened to me also by this month...whom i have to send mail...what happened ..did u people received the arrears amount...


01/28/2010 06:02 pm

this happened to me also....

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