Does Chrome Signal The Removal of Google's PageRank Indicator?

Sep 4, 2008 • 7:53 am | comments (11) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Google Search Engine Optimization

Google's web browser, Chrome, launched two days ago and it was missing one major feature that SEOs took notice of. That feature is the PageRank indicator found in the Google Toolbar. But why is it missing? Is it just a feature that may be coming in the future or was this intentionally left out?

This is the question on the mind of some DigitalPoint Forums members and it has been asked at the blog of Matt Cutts two different times. I have currently not seen a response from Google about why it is not in the Chrome browser.

I know Matt Cutts has stated in the past that he would like to work on Google to remove the PageRank indicator. Matt said back in December 2007:

Personally, I wouldn't mind removing the PageRank in the Google Toolbar or swapping it with some other indicator, but that would be a large undertaking. Maybe that can be a long-term goal for me. :)

We also know Google asked for feedback on the PageRank indicator in the past, and that many SEO wants PageRank to go away. So maybe, just maybe, this is Google's first step to do away with their historical PageRank score?

On a funny note, yesterday, Tamar did a write up named Submit Your Google Chrome Feedback Over Here. So now we have about 40 comments, in less than a day, with Chrome feedback. But the post tells people where to go to place their feedback. Of course, I gave Tamar this title, wondering if people would skip the content of the post and just go by the title.

Anyway, is this the beginning of the end to Google's toolbar PageRank score?

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Jim Gaudet

09/04/2008 06:07 pm

I still want to see it, and wish it were updated more often. It would be a good tool if it were updated daily.


09/04/2008 08:27 pm

I remember reading that google kept the pagerank indicator around so they would have a clear way of gathering your browsing history. Now they have their own browser to do that job - there is probably not a clear and compelling reason to keep it around.


09/04/2008 11:58 pm

I would be actually suprised if Google DID include the PR info. The browser is for people to browse the Internet and that is what most people use it for. Including PR info into core product wouldn't be smart. I can imagine there will be a Google Toolbar type of thing for Chrome as well.


09/05/2008 08:39 am

i believe they will add it back later on


09/05/2008 02:22 pm

i believe, they will keep the rank scores for their search results algorithms only...


09/05/2008 02:22 pm

It's not in chrome because chrome has no extensions API yet, and thus there can't be a google toolbar without building it into the core (which would be seen by many as being Evil)


09/14/2008 02:42 am

I agree with dylin, "Now they have their own browser to do that job" Pagerank is the backbone of google's search algorithm, its no way going out. Whether they are going to make it public for ever cannot be guaranteed, even with the toolbar.


09/22/2008 01:50 am

I am quite sure PR will not be going anywhere. This is just a trial run of Chrome and it will be loaded with all features eventually.


09/24/2008 09:54 pm

from what it appears that Google currently does not allow toolbar-plug ins to its Chrome Browser, but maybe that will change in the future, however if you want to check the pages page rank you can get that Pages Page Rank on Google Chrome, step by step guide on how to get PR on Chrome


09/28/2008 05:49 am

I believe that if Matt Cutt has said that he may be working on removing PageRank tool, then it might be going to happen and not having it in Chrome is an indication of this. Looking forward to what is going to be Google's next step in change of their measure of sites' credibility and changes and challenges for us, 'the SEO people'...

Sergey Alekhin

01/28/2010 01:02 pm

I am quite sure PR will not be going anywhere.

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