Google Webmaster Tools Fixes 404 Reporting Error

Aug 13, 2008 • 8:11 am | comments (3) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Google Search Engine Optimization

About two weeks ago, we reported that Google Webmaster Tools had 404 reporting errors. Well, after about two weeks, the 404, page not found, reports in Webmaster Tools is now accurate.

I logged in myself and saw that Google was only reporting pages that indeed give a 404 status response code.

JohnMu, a Googler, replied to the Google Groups thread last night at 7pm, to notify us that it has been resolved.

It looks like this issue should be cleared up by now. If you continue to spot incorrect 404 errors in your Webmaster Tools (with a recent date), it would be great if you could post the details here.

Thanks for your patience!

Why is this report so important? Well, it people try to spam your site, and you get hacked, the error reports might be a clue on what is going on. In fact, I found this URL in my 404 pages,, yes it 404s, but I wonder what is up with that.

So now it would be a good time to go into Google Webmaster Tools and browse through your crawl error reports and internal pages.

Forum discussion continued at Google Groups.

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10/15/2009 07:56 pm

Hi, Google search engines have my URL displayed as photo's come up.Main page of my website should come up.Its been like this for 3 Months now??? Ive tried to add html code through webmaster tools to get it in engine and a 404 error comes up after Not Verified .I copy the html code and put on top of my web page but doesnt work.Network solutions where Ive made the web site tells me that because my web site is a TEMPLAT BASED web site and I dont have access to the header section of my site and they tried that code that was not getting verified that I should contact you for further assistance in a code that will work.Please need support for this


03/31/2011 09:37 pm

I can not use gmail under google Isettings page due to 404 error code. UGH ! i can use it under fire fox but all my favorites are on google setting page. My goal one page with all my stuff on it like it once was. Please help, I have tried everything....


08/21/2012 08:37 pm

google Isettings page due to 404 error code,all my favorites are on google setting page

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