How Do You Tell Your Client about the SEO Work You're Doing?

Jul 31, 2008 • 10:21 am | comments (4) by twitter | Filed Under SEO - Search Engine Optimization

How does one who may sell SEO services in the future give away information without giving away too much information (and fearing that the client will run away with the proposed strategies and implement them himself/herself?)

That's a difficult situation and one I think a lot of people find themselves in. They are compelled to sell themselves by proposing a strategy but are afraid it can backfire. However, many clients who solicit the advice of SEO services are doing it because they cannot execute that detailed plan.

noel_x99 makes a great analogy that should make you feel a little bit better about providing that information:

Here's an example: We were recently at an arts festival watching an artist scultping a log with a chainsaw. Suppose that artist were to spend time with me explaining his technique and showing me how to do it - even what he was thinking when he applied his technique. Then suppose he handed me the chainsaw and told me to do it myself. I couldn't do it. Because I would lack the basic understanding of the skills of using a chainsaw. And even though he explained the technique...I couldn't do it. It's a combination art, technical ability, and experience that I don't have with a chainsaw.

That should alleviate those fears you have about giving away ideas (unless the client is well versed in this area of marketing). Most people can hear your suggestions but have no idea about how to execute. In the end, giving out more information does seem to show that you have the expertise and indicates that you're willing to help.

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Allan Woodstrom

07/31/2008 03:09 pm

Interesting post. As much information you give a client, I think the client will find it extremely difficult to generate external links, as well as optimize their pages, as well as a profession. Minus the analogy above, I would relate it to playing basketball. The client may be able to hit 4 out of ten 10 free throws, and although you may be a 70 percent free throw shooter, there is still a change you only hit 4 out of 10 free throws given a one-time opportunity.


07/31/2008 07:27 pm

I don't ever worry about sharing information with potential clients - pretty much everything I know can be discovered by searching through the internet anyway (time consuming as that may be). Plus, I've found that their brains can only absorb so much information, especially when you start talking about canonical issues, robots.txt files, etc... AND they usually realize that they'd have to spend way too much time on it to make it effective. I say it's better to wow them with a bunch of great information, and let them think about how open and helpful that SEO guy was that talked to them. (Gee, we should hire him to optimize our site!) :)


08/01/2008 01:28 pm

I totally agree. The more you share the more the client will trust you.


08/01/2008 01:38 pm

I am up front with my customers and try explain as much as possible. I don't believe they have the time or the inclination to do SEO/SEM themselves.

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