Google Only Uses Exact Match Data for Quality Score Metrics

Jul 17, 2008 • 8:34 am | comments (3) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Google AdWords

This may be an obvious fact for many Google AdWords professionals, but I am sure many people do not know this. According to a Google AdWords representative, Google only uses exact match data for quality score analysis data.

AdWordsPro Sarah said in a Google Groups thread,

Match types does not affect Quality Score (we only collect Quality Score data when the query matches the keyword exactly. The exact match Quality Score is then shared with broad and phrase match).

So, if you are bidding on [blue shoes] and you get a click from a search on [red shoes], due to broad match - then Google won't use that click for quality score purposes. Google will only use the exact match of a click, i.e. [blue shoes] search to [blue shoes] keyword ad. It doesn't mean Google won't rank your broad or phrase match ads based on your overall quality score. It does mean that your overall quality score is made up of only exact matches.

Forum discussion at Google Groups.

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John Allen

07/17/2008 09:50 pm

I believe you have a mistake in this write up. If you are bidding on if you are bidding on [blue shoes] you should never match on [red shoes], broad or otherwise. A better example would be bidding on [blue shoes] and matching [blue suede shoes]. So your Quality Score would only count when someone Googles and matched exactly [blue shoes].


07/18/2008 01:17 pm

I'm fairly certain it means that if for example you are bidding on blue shoes and you receive two clicks; one from a query blue shoes and the other from cheap blue shoes the only one considered in terms of the QS is blue shoes, not cheap blue shoes.


07/01/2012 06:32 am

what if an ad group has broad & phrase keywords only, according to your story google wouldn't provide any quality score as that ad group doesn't has exact keyword.

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