Webmasters Report July 2008 Google.co.uk SERP Changes

Jul 2, 2008 • 9:22 am | comments (4) by twitter | Filed Under Google PageRank & Algorithm Updates

Last month, we started reporting on Google.co.uk as perceived by webmasters. We may make this a regular column depending on how different Google.co.uk seems to be from Google.com over time.

WebmasterWorld members are reporting extreme "yoyoing" and fluctuations of some rankings on old domains.

Another observation is that the geolocation seems to be shifting -- again. .co.uk pages are showing up on page one, whereas .com pages are showing up on page 2. In other words, improvements are being noted.

Some feel that Google in the UK is penalizing harsher than in the US.

And finally, Google is still not sure about the locations of some posts. A webmaster reports:

Meanwhile G has moved a load of my .coms hosted on a US server back into the Google.co.za results...argh...what are they doing?

Forum discussion continues at WebmasterWorld.

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07/02/2008 08:20 pm

I have definetaly noticed a lot of movement going on in google.co.uk recently. Some websites have seen pretty big drops and 2 seem to have been penalised. It is annoying as the sites that are ranking well probably deserve it less than the ones dropping in the SERPs. Ah well Google is a fickle mistress.


07/02/2008 11:19 pm

Over the last month there have been some major shakeups in the Google.co.nz results as well. I'm talking ranking #1 on google.com, #1 on google.com.au, but then #124 (!!) on google.co.nz. Something about that just doesn't seem right...

David Eaves

07/03/2008 09:54 am

@Burgo there is a jewellery site I am working on that is in exactly the same boat. We worked out it was no.1 for its main phrase on like over 30 Googles, but in the UK where the site is hosted - no where to be seen. Something is not right. I believe my case did get passed to Google a few weeks ago, but it is still not fixed yet. Even though we very drastically 301'd to the .co.uk version of the name a few weeks ago.


07/03/2008 09:08 pm

@ David... I've considered 301ing the NZ specific pages over to the .co.nz version of the name (it's a site that deals with products in over 40 countries though, so a bit daunting). I've geotargeted the subfolder in webmaster tools, but that was about 5 weeks ago with no changes seen... sigh. Hope you're 301 pays off buddy!

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