Google Launches Ad Planner - What Google Really Knows About Your Sites

Jun 24, 2008 • 9:40 am | comments (4) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Google AdWords

Google has announced the launch of Google Ad Planner. Ad Planner is Google Trends for Web Sites on steroids. Basically, it gives you site data for publisher sites you might want to place your ads on. You "enter demographics and sites associated with your target audience, and the tool will return information about sites that your audience is likely to visit." This works both on Google's content network and off the content network. Here is a screen capture of a report from the system, a full size is available over here.

Google Ad Planner

How do you gain access to this tool? You need to be invited, and you can request an invite over here.

What is a bit important to understand, and Brett Tabke says it best in a comment at our older post:

The single biggest issue that the new website trends should drive home, is that we should all now have a good understanding and insight into the bulk of data that Google knows about our websites. There are so many people that are naive about this issue. Google knows so much more than is generally acknowledged.

This plays on many areas, including AdWords and organic results.

Forum discussion at DigitalPoint Forums.

Update: I have just gained access to Ad Planner and posted detailed screen captures of the tool. I am in awe.

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CVOS man

06/24/2008 06:23 pm

The sound you just heard is exploding.


06/25/2008 12:21 pm

Gotta get access to this, sounds sweet :)

Mike Farley

06/27/2008 04:23 pm

I really worry where the line is being drawn between acceptable usage and invasion of privacy. As a PPC Manager the theory sounds a privacy nut, it scares the daylights out of me.

Jason Baer

06/27/2008 10:07 pm

Google wants to do to media buying what the Web did to travel planning, stock purchase and real estate research. Power to the people, and death to the middle man (agencies). The good news, however, is that the availability of free data will dramatically increase interest in online advertising and media planning, the same way that Google Analytics dramatically increased interest in Web site traffic statistics. Did the release of the free Google Analytics kill off the established vendors like Omniture, Webtrends, CoreMetrics et al? Not yet. In fact, it provided a much-needed split in the industry between do-it-yourselfers and serious analytics consultants using enterprise tools. Ad Planner will do the same for online advertising. Small and medium clients and agencies will increase their Internet ad buys due to the comfort of having real data about thousand and thousands of sites. And the big guys will continue using the enterprise solutions.

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