The Link Theme Pyramid

Jun 18, 2008 • 10:05 am | comments (5) by twitter | Filed Under Link Building Tips & SEO

WebmasterWorld moderator martinibuster shares some valuable link building tips in what he calls the "Link Theme Pyramid." In his post, he gives his opinions on some link building techniques that have worked for him.

Roger says that anchor text should match the page it's linking to (where the page should contain the anchor text somewhere). He adds that hubs should be more than pages of links and that perhaps your home page should not be the most relevant page. This is something Jim Boykin preaches. Finally, Roger says that you should aim to focus on the long tail.

In the thread, forum members mention that some webmasters demand a link to the home page, not to a specifically targeted inner page. While that's all well and good, the problem is that it won't help your link building efforts. That's the point I believe Roger was trying to convey. Some webmasters say that the problem with linking to inner pages is that they may break over time (and I suppose it's harder to check if the page is gone). My recommendation here is a 301 redirect.

Forum discussion continues at WebmasterWorld.

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Michael Martinez

06/18/2008 05:34 pm

The best anchor text is relevant to other text on both the destination and linking page. However, if a destination page vanishes, the link provider cannot implement a 301-redirect and most likely the recipient is not going to implement one either. SEOs have been focusing too much on the links and not enough on the content that links bring together, so "hubs" should indeed include more than just links on their pages. And people definitely need to optimize for the long tail of search AND the long tail of content. These are all points I've been sharing for years and I'm glad to see other voices agree with mine.

No Name

06/19/2008 08:56 am

Thanks for that link, the post is very interesting and helpful! I'm not sure if link building is so important for SEO but it's definitely an issue:)

Eric Ward

06/19/2008 08:55 pm

Since the majority of web content is created by folks whose expertise has nothing to do with links, link building, anchor text, or seo, it's fair to assume that the engines have to be able to identify a correlation between linkee and linker, beyond any seo related technique. That correlation will have to be within the content of those two pages, or if it cannot be gleaned from the pages, then between the sites. Michael said it eloquently --It's about the content the links bring together-- Other signals are algorithmic gravy, not the main course.

No Name

06/20/2008 12:55 am

I will like to sincerely want to read more on this theme pyramid. I agree the importance of links and it;s impact with the SERP.


06/20/2008 10:11 am

Implementing a 301 redirect complements a great link building strategy, with other activities to increase your link share.

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