Future Of Google's Pay Per Action Model Uncertain

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Google launched their Pay Per Action ads a little over a year ago. Since then they have tried expanding it and marketing it to publishers and advertisers. We have extensive coverage of the Google Pay Per Action product at this site, if you want to check the history on it.

Today, I noticed a Google Groups thread that might imply that Google is having second thoughts of the product.

AdWordsPro Sarah, an official Google representative, responded to a question about the program:

Unfortunately, because the Pay Per Action pricing model is in beta, it is invitation only. At this time, invitations are no longer being extended while the product team figures out what direction the model will take in the future.

From this we learn:

(1) Google stopped sending out invitations for PPA. (2) Google is not sure what direction they want to take the PPA product in the future.

Was Google's Pay Per Action model a failure? Or was marketing it a failure?

Forum discussion at Google Groups.

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07/04/2008 04:39 pm

I use Google PPC for many of my companies and would hate to see them go!!


07/07/2008 03:40 am

google tries first with beta version like its popular orkut was aLSO in beta version and it is a smart policy frm their end to discontinue the service if it fails but to user it is a bad move

No Name

08/01/2008 09:14 pm

In the post you reference PPA which is in beta, but then in the comments someone mentioned PPC which has been around for a couple of days now. ;) While I personally don't use PPC due to it not being cost affective for my approach, at least not yet. I don't believe PPC is in danger of going anywhere at the current time. If Google can create a PPA option that compares to PPC it would be worth taking a look at. Especially if their is also an option to generate funds in the form Of Google AdSense from activity that takes place within it's PPA campaigns like it does within the PPC campaigns already.

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