Britney Spears Does Google AdSense

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Britney Spears & Google AdSenseDigitalPoint Forum members are chatting about Britney Spears's new official web site at having Google AdSense ads at the bottom.

Britney Spears's web site seems to be currently being redesigned by MusicToday. MusicToday has placed the Google AdSense ads at the bottom of the page. Of course, the AdSense publishers are the DigitalPoint Forums thread are contemplating the positioning of these ads.

If you take a look at the thumbnail image at the top right of this post, you can see the ads at the bottom, under the main site. Need a better look, either go to the web site or click on the image.

I assume this is just a template used by MusicToday until the site is ready. I doubt there is anything to look into here. I assume those ads would monetize well, if clicked on.

Why am I pointing this out: (1) Google is a hot topic, but so is Britney Spears, so titling a post Britney Spears and Google might bring in some interesting traffic, which I can share with you later. (2) It is a fairly slow weekend for forums, so I figured I point you to a very active thread on a light topic.

Forum discussion at DigitalPoint Forums.

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06/17/2008 08:22 am

Maybe she needs the money ;) Ad placement isn't very good and there is not enough text to tell the spiders what the site is about. I got ads for Peugeot cars and stock synbols! :s

Ganesh J. Acharya

06/17/2008 08:33 am

I am sure that's going to get her lots of money. The ad placement is not very well done.


06/17/2008 08:40 pm

Her music today fan club has had those google ads for a long time. Do not get your hopes up people Britney's fan club also lets you preorder her new upcoming album blackout just like you can on her web site. Update ...that's funny should see the fan club forum reminds me of the 1980s word processor called "word perfect". Music today had admitted to the club that Britney almost never contacts music today and that they can not do any work on the club or on the website only she contacts them. I think that they are loosing money and the google ad is how they are not loosing to much money on her website or on her fan club There are very few members on her fan club but I think that it has nothing to do with Britney why there are so few members. Music today was doing a poor job even when they had lots of contact with Britney and music today and their forum moderator drives the fans out of the club. At one time things got so bad that the moderator encouraged misbehaviour and he looked the other way when people were breaking all kinds of fan club rules and he even sided with people who were badmouthing Britney on several occasions one of my 1st experiences on the fan club was being bullied by the moderator and by his friends and whenever someone defended me they were warned that there'd basically be hell to pay if they continued to support me The one of my friends got suspended for week without warning of any sort for supporting Britney when some guy was badmouthing Britney's privet areas and rather than dealing with the situation properly the moderator punished my friend and the moderator befriended the person insulting Britney's privets. The last straw for me was when my friend was recently banned without any warning; not even a first warning and what she was not warned about the moderator used to look the other way when other people used to do it. I got suspended without any warning for 4 days for supposedly bullying and for threatening music today staff as well as forum members ...the forum members were shocked of course. I did none of that. I will never set foot in that fan club again and I think that you can see why Britney never contacts them


06/18/2008 11:26 am

she is one of us now hehehehe

No Name

11/13/2008 01:48 am

Why is it only women have negative things to say about BRITNEY SPEARS? I'll tell you why jelousy she's beautuful and guys love her guys don't bother with crap like that they just say she's hot BRiTNEY'S makeing a comeback

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