Most SEOs Believe Competitors Can Hurt Your Google Rankings

May 13, 2008 • 7:07 am | comments (2) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Google Search Engine Optimization

Poll on competitors hurting your SEOAbout a week ago I ran a poll that asked Can Someone Hurt A Competitors Google Rankings With Links? I ran the poll because there is a lot of debate around this topic. So I figured, why not ask you guys and you guys said that yes, competitors can hurt your Google rankings. Here are the details of the poll.

In short, 70% of the 135 responses said that yes, a competitor can hurt my Google rankings. 19% said, no, competitors cannot and 11% said they have no idea either way.

Here is the break down: :: Yes said 94 respondents or 70% :: No said 26 respondents or 19% :: I Have No Idea said 15 respondents or 11%

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chris boggs

05/13/2008 04:55 pm

I wish that Matt Cutts would comment to this topic instead of thanking Tamar for the other topic, although it was nice that he spoke up for "good" SEO.

No Name

06/18/2008 01:37 pm

i have never thinked of it and i think there are some what very few possibilites that link building can hurt your rankings.i have never done link building for my websites except sometimes posting in blogs via comments.

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