Google AdSense No-Nos

May 12, 2008 • 7:57 am | comments (2) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Google AdSense

A featured WebmasterWorld thread has a fun list of "not to do with your AdSense account because Google might ban you for these things." Here is the list complied by a new member, BrandNewDay:

  • Click your own ads
  • Asking other people to click your ads
  • Joining a program that promises you that people will click your ads if you click their ads
  • Telling all your friends about your sites
  • Exchanging Adsense code with other people or programs
  • Buying and/or operating so called "Adsense ready sites"
  • Having sites with only ads and/or search results on them
  • Taking/stealing other peoples content without their permission

Of course, with any list like this, there are arguments and discussion about the details.

Later on, WebmasterWorld moderator, httpwebwitch, adds some more:

  • allow malware to be installed on your server, or on the machine which is used to access the account
  • use any of those "adsense click tracking" JavaScripts
  • allow multiple people to log in to the account using the same password
  • log in through an anonymizing proxy
  • hack into the system and start requesting Adsense ads in raw XML
  • mess around with the iframe in which they're displayed
  • try to sidestep the cross-domain scripting limitations using a server proxy

The list can go on forever. One thing you should not do, a huge AdSense No-No, in my opinion, is obsess over each rule.

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.

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05/12/2008 04:34 pm

So can anyone confirm that it is 100% against the Google TOS in ALL cases to do this "use any of those "adsense click tracking" JavaScripts"


05/13/2008 02:05 am

I disagree with : "Exchanging Adsense code with other people or programs" (do they mean adsense sharing webstes? They are allowed) and of course with "use any of those "adsense click tracking" JavaScripts" as it is total non sense and never heard of anyone being banned or even warned for this! There are other things I disagree with on this list, but well, that's just a list, not a holy list :-)

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