Google Search Mixing Up URLs & Page Titles?

Apr 10, 2008 • 8:35 am | comments (1) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Google Search Engine Optimization

There are reports from several sources including WebmasterWorld that Google is having a tough time mapping the proper URLs with the associated page titles for those URLs.

One report says that Google is treating searches for portal A on a subdirectory of a governmental site all wrong. So a search for a keyword that would trigger a result from portal A on subdirectory A, would in fact return a result from subdirectory B, with a page title from subdirectory C. I.e. A search that would typically return a page title and URL from is returning a URL from and a page title from

Other reports are saying that on some [ keyword] command searches, Google is returning results from totally different domains, outside of the restricted domain you entered.

I am not sure how wide scale the issue is and I have no hard examples that I can provide, due to WebmasterWorld's guidelines - but there are several reports on this behavior.

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.

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Matt Cutts

04/11/2008 05:19 am

I'm taking the fact that this was live all day and no one left any comments as a good sign. If anyone wants to post queries where (say) [ keyword] returns results not from, I'd be happy to pass on any examples.

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