Questions You Should Ask When Hiring an SEO Guru

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When you're in the hiring phase for an SEO expert, you should get to know a little about the potential candidate you're considering by asking the right questions. The SEOpranos blog has 10 questions that should be asked at every interview. One of them in particular resounds well for webmasters:

Can you tear this website apart?

Chance are, if they don't find anything wrong with the site, they're not ready for "SEO expert" work. That's not to say they can't be trained, but they're beginners, not experts.

Other questions include asking what types of blogs they read, how would they go about building links, how they track results to prove success, and others.

While some folks have trouble believing that the list is accurate at Sphinn, a good number of Sphinners believe it to be very useful. And if you're not an SEO expert, it definitely provides advice on how to hone your craft. You can't really go wrong with having some knowledge of these questions and their answers.

Forum discussion continues at Sphinn.

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No Name

04/09/2008 08:30 am

Analysing a website, or "tearing it apart" is definitely a pre-requisite to giving SEO recommendations. If that skill is lacking one can hardly lay claim to th emantle of "SEO expert"

Kevin McGarray

04/09/2008 08:37 am

Hi, I am very imperessed with your article. Can you please tell me how much time you will or any other SEO Professional take for SEO and how much average cost


04/10/2008 01:13 am

I suggest when hiring an SEO consultant to have a baseline of your site's performance before the engagment - and then compompare the sites performance after the SEO consultant has done their work. I use to develop a performance profile of a site. This (free) tool allows you to graph your sites ranking performance over time - and watch changes (for better or worse) in response to the work done by your SEO consultant and competitors.

seo professional

04/08/2011 07:37 am

Outsourcing search engine marketer are best for the company. But it is very important to know its background, and hiring best professionals to work for your job. Then achieve your goal to increase traffic and profit.

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