New Google AdWords Video Ads

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I was doing some searches this morning and I spotted a new type of Google AdWords video ad. For example, a search on cell phones returns a video ad for BlackBerry. Here are screen captures:

(1) The search results page:

Google AdWords Video Ads

(2) Zoom in on the ad on the right side of the page:

Google AdWords Video Ads

(3) Click watch demonstration:

Google AdWords Video Ads

(4) After the video is done playing, you can click on an in ad link to the advertiser's landing page:

Google AdWords Video Ads

Other searches that seem to work include smart phones. Here is the ad, again for BlackBerry, but this time it says "watch/hide commercial."

Google AdWords Video Ads

So, clearly, BlackBerry is testing out the AdWords video ads. Wonder if we can spot any other advertisers?

FYI, what triggered me looking was the Yahoo video ads post from this morning.

Forum discussion at Search Engine Roundtable Forums.

Update: Just tried a search on phones and it showed a commercial in the top sponsored ads for AT&T Wireless:

Picture 1

Here is an video of the video ad, so you can see it live. This one is from a search on laptop, which was spotted by Google Operating System.

More discussion at Techmeme.

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Scott Hendison

03/26/2008 12:44 pm

Nice - So is the advertiser charged only upon a click to their site, or upon playing the video?


03/26/2008 12:51 pm

Upon playing the video. At least, that's what they said in Bits of the New York Times


03/26/2008 01:00 pm

I was going to ask the same question. I guess it would make sense to be charged to show the video because the user is still taking action on your ad. But they still might not click through to the website.

Lea de Groot

03/26/2008 01:08 pm

I think the other reason it is pay-per-view is that watching a video is such strong branding that the advertiser has gotten something out of it

Barry Schwartz

03/26/2008 02:24 pm

I dont think they are charged for playing the video.


03/26/2008 06:19 pm

Can we include our own flash player for these ads? Anyone have the tech specs to add video to the campaigns?


03/26/2008 09:45 pm

Does anyone know how we actually activate this within the adwords account? Is it within the PPC campaign or within the Video ads campaigns? I've done a test through the adpreview from within the UK ( picture on my blog ) and it looks great..


03/27/2008 02:41 am

Def being charged for the play... it's a CPM model for the view then CPC (I think) if/when the user continues through to the destination URL?


03/27/2008 10:39 pm

Hi guys.. spoke to google, they dont charge for the play as such, they charge the same CPC if the user clicks the headline or clicks the expand button, but they only charge once. So if the user clicks the expand button then the headline to goto your site you get charged just 1 CPC.. :-) Found out lots more.. i'll write it up and put it on my blog.. bryn


04/07/2008 05:30 am

When testing for search queries such as cell phone, etc, I am not able to pull up any video ads in Google? Did they take them down?

No Name

04/26/2009 09:43 pm

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