Google Analytics Graphs Still Lagging Behind


Tuesday morning we reported issues with Google Analytics but those issues have not yet been resolved. In short, the graphs and charts seem to be lagging behind by two days. But if you look closely and narrow down the date range to yesterday, Google Analytics is reporting statistics for the day, just not on the pretty graphs.

A revived DigitalPoint Forums thread has discussion on this. Lots and lots of Google Analytics users are reporting this as an issue. I see the issue myself as well.

Here is a screen capture of the issue. I want you to notice that today is 3/14 (Pi Day) and the date drop down shows 3/13 as the last day, but the last metric in the chart goes until the 12th, when it should go until the 13th.

Google Analytics Chart Issue

Again, this issue has been lingering on since at least this Monday and I believe it is impacting every Google Analytics user. No word from Google on when it will be resolved.

Forum discussion at DigitalPoint Forums.

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Hugh Gage

03/14/2008 03:32 pm

Unfortunately I can't post a comment on the Digital Point thread so I will post here if that's OK. I have seen the same thing across all my client's accounts however I have noticed that if you set the date range to the current day's date it does in fact show up to date data for "today". That is why it appears to be different from the last day's data reported on the trend chart. To bear this out, if you set the data for the current day only then go the visits report and look at it in the day part view (hourly) you can see it counting up to its most recent refresh run. If you set the date for yesterday it will of course show you data for the whole day by day part. Its a pain but I believe it to be a valid work around until Google fix the problem - which they say they are aware of.


03/17/2008 03:52 pm

I agree with Hugh, when I first noticed that the graph (which is really handy) was showing one day behind, I just moved the range up one day to the current day and then the graph looks normal again. Hopefully they fix it soon.

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