What Would You Do With Your Google AdSense Account Manager?

Mar 13, 2008 • 6:15 am | comments (1) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Google AdSense

AdSenseAdvisor asks in a WebmasterWorld thread, if you had an account manager or advisor to aid you with your Google AdSense account, what would you use the advisor or manager for?

Here are some Google AdSense Account Manager tasks mentioned in this thread:

  • Ad optimization
  • Better ad targeting
  • Increased earning tips
  • A way to vent to Google
  • Answer policy questions

Do you have ideas? I have an account manager but I personally rarely ever use him.

You can chime in on the thread and have your voice heard.

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nathanael campbell

03/14/2008 09:26 pm

if you delegate the managment of your adsense account to someone else you better be sure that they manage it. Chances are that if your not on their back about it, they aren't on the job. True service should extend beyond your willingness to monitor someone you delegate your job to. A true account manager should feel that its his/her personal duty to ensure that his client is aware of the activity on his account. If you rarely talk to your account manager, then ask the question why? If there is no activity, it better be because your campaign is making lots of $$$. If not, find a new account manager :)

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