Why Link Pages & Directories Might Not Work

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A WebmasterWorld thread touches on a simple topic, the topic of link pages. Many sites have them, a page that contains links to link partners. Some of these pages are labeled "resources," some are labelled "partners," some are "directory," and some even "links."

The characteristics of the page look a lot like the ones you find for a search on resources page in Google. They have tons of links on them, sometimes they are organized by category, sometimes alphabetically and sometimes not organized at all.

It is the location most old school link exchangers use to place links back to those they exchange links with.

Why might these pages not work?

I like how WebmasterWorld moderator, minnapple, put it, so I will quote:

The main problem with link pages is that everyone links out of them, but no one links to them.

Many "links" pages are not even included in google's indexed because of lack of internal link support of the main site.

And if they are included, they don't look natural. What page links out to a hundred different places and doesn't have a similar count of links coming in? These pages.

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.

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03/04/2008 01:40 pm

I use a "resource" link page on one of my sites. The list of links is very niche, so it ends up being a credible list of links and ranks really well for some of my keyterms in my niche.

Barry Schwartz

03/04/2008 02:17 pm

Hey, who am I to complain. Look at my personal blog's resource page at http://www.cartoonbarry.com/link-farm.html

seo bristol

03/04/2008 03:02 pm

Barry Hat tip for having a url with 'link farm' that has a PR4. :)

David Eaves

03/04/2008 03:43 pm

Not sure, how much, if any link value my links pages are passing, especially this one: http://www.seoco.co.uk/directory-links.html There was some fairly low quality directories on there a while back though.

Jason Forthofer

03/04/2008 06:39 pm

Doesn't the fact that interal pages with good PR count link to them count for something?


03/04/2008 09:31 pm

A blogroll and a links page are two different things. To me a links page is as dated as a hit counter and "sign my guestbook", the only thing missing is a best viewed in IE4.0 label.

Terry Quested

03/05/2008 12:15 pm

I exchange links quite freely with pages of similar rank. All of my links pages (ranging from PR0-PR4) are assessible by humans and search engines alike. If someone requestes a link exchange I always check that I can access my link from their main page. Most automated link exchange schemes do this for you.

Rich Carter

03/05/2008 11:23 pm

I swear, I am just as confused as ever about linking. Some say it has to be done and some say that I will get penalized for doing it. Even google says in some articles that we need incoming links and then they say the exact oppisite. do we dont we, that is the question.


03/06/2008 01:31 pm

I don't think that the links pages are totally a waste of time. I've gotten most of my links pages atleast indexed by Google. Most of them have a PR2+ but this is mainly due to the fact that I keep it to just a handful of related links. For intents and purposes I really do make a point of making sure that they will actually be able to offer something to my visitors. Maybe the Google bot likes that too?

No Name

05/06/2008 10:09 am

The idea of link directories is very good, but some directories has very bad positions inside the Google search engine because of their "Link Farm" style.

No Name

08/25/2009 12:19 pm

Yes, it may not work as there is lack of support from the main page and it do not look like natural.


10/05/2011 01:38 am

Well I know that there is general distrust of link directories these days, but when getting a new site off the ground, you should always at least submit to a few. It can't really hurt, and just might help. Even No-Follow links will help you get indexed. I just launched my site, http://bighittergolfpipes.com and I am already getting noticed by the search engines, due to directory submissions.

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