Update To Google AdWords "Automatic Matching"

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Yesterday I posted Have Extra Money in Your Google AdWords Account? Google May Spend it With "Automatic Matching". I was fairly negative in my post, but I did explain both sides.

First, Google sent me a statement:

As part of our ongoing commitment to provide advertisers with innovative ways to reach users online, Google is currently testing a feature known as 'Automatic Matching.' This feature is currently in a limited beta with a small number of advertisers. We have no news to announce at this time regarding developments in our AdWords product offering.

But more importantly, AdWordsAdvisor posted at the WebmasterWorld thread, and I wanted to quote it for you:

* First off, I have already passed your feedback along to the right teams - so your comments and concerns have been heard - and will continue to be heard.

* Please be aware that this is a limited beta test, available as an option to a small number of advertisers.

* Future plans for the feature will certainly be influenced by feedback from folks who participate in the beta. So if you are one of those invited, who then choose to participate in the beta, please be sure to comment early and often.

* Advertisers offered a spot in the beta may certainly turn off the feature if they wish.

* This feature is not intended to 'exhaust the budget' - rather it is only meant to deliver additional traffic where performance metrics such as CTRs and CPCs stack up well against the adgroups current CTR and CPC. If there is no additional relevant traffic to direct to the advertisers campaigns, automatic matching will not spend additional money.

* The queries will appear in Search Query reports.

There is still a ton of discussion but that is Google's side of things.

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.

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Angelo Palma

02/26/2008 05:58 pm

<quote>Advertisers offered a spot in the beta may certainly turn off the feature if they wish.</quote> Uhmm... and later? We would be able to turn it off? mumble..mumble...

Fred Held

02/29/2008 06:18 am

I have used google adwords and made good money from the results. Is there some explanation about "adwords"" and what it actually does? Fred

Korneto Roei

12/04/2008 06:30 pm

The automatic matching new tool is the first tool google offered me that caused damage to my campaigns.


02/21/2009 03:36 am

I pulled up one of my campaigns today and it shows Automatic Stats traffic being charged to my account. The thing that brought it to my attention was the fact that I had traffic and cost on keywords that I had paused!! Not only did I not opt-in to automatic matching but I have gone over there information for 2 hours and there is no way I can opt out. So not only am I being charged for keywords I didn't choose but they are based on keywords I don't have active and there is nothing I can do to stop it but stop the campaign or lower the budget to what I think might be it's natural max. I guess that is what I get for setting high budgets. Google thinks I want to spend it whether it brings me ROI or not. How did they get so much power over our lives?

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